Show # 77 – White Margarine

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3 Responses to “Show # 77 – White Margarine”

  1. Ray Says:

    Is it illegal to transport it into Quebec too?
    So if I was say camping and had some yellow margarine in a cooler, would I get searched at the border??

  2. Cat Says:

    Not sure, but you can always try!! The borders are pretty relaxed, but that is from the point of view of a Canadian coming back to Canada!

    I once had to give some opened baby food (spaghetti with beef) to the U.S. border guard, cause there was a ban on beef!! Can you imagine, I was going to feed it to Simon when I got to my parent’s place. Crazy!!

  3. Beth B Says:

    Hi, I’m a new listener from the Champlain Islands in Vermont, about 25 miles south of the border. I like hearing your Canadian perspective on things. So close to home and yet a world a part.

    I remember my Dad talking about margarine being sold in the US during WWII as a butter substitute and he described the glob of yellow dye that you were supposed to mix in with the margarine. I was amazed at the time and fondly recalled his story when you talked about adding yellow when you were a kid. It’s a quirky law, but I like it!

    My mother used margarine when I was growing up because it was cheaper than butter, so I never knew any better. Now, I wouldn’t use it if you gave me a tub for free. It’s just vegtable shortening in disguise. Yech.

    Happy Day after your birthday!

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