Show # 76 – End of Octobre

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  • Daylight Savings – turning back the clocks
  • More postcards
  • Fan of the Month – CC Chapman - Accident Hash
  • French Phrase: “Je M’appelle” – I call myself
  • Parking in Montreal – beware.
  • News clippings – “He did What at Tim Horton’s?”
  • Genji’s description of my show, His blog.

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3 Responses to “Show # 76 – End of Octobre”

  1. Phil B Says:

    Ugh, tell me about parking in Montreal!

    We were visiting family there last February, and had just hired a car so we could drive over to Niagara. I spotted a space outside their building, put the required money in the meter, and went in to the flat. Half an hour later I came out and found I had a ticket – for parking facing the wrong direction for that side of the road!

    Loving the show,

    Phil B

  2. diane s Says:

    I’m jonesing for some C-A-T…

    hope Bob’s less busy asap xx

  3. Ray M. Says:

    I have the same problem in Center City Philadelphia with parking. But since I drive there so infrequently, I usually just parked where ever I could find and let them ticket my car.
    While not the smartest or ideal way to park, it does work to some degree. I have never heard about any tickets. I also don’t drive in Philly anymore.

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