Show #75 – Fan of the Month announced

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  1. Tom Says:

    Minus thirty-five, STREWTH!
    We go on positive thirty-five!
    Anyway, lovin’ your show, lovin’ the Canadian ‘casts.

  2. Tom again Says:

    Ok. I should really listen to the whole show before I add comments. Yeah, the flicker thing is totally true. My dad used to ride with some truckie friends of his and that’s the case. I’ve used it myself on Australian countrty roads. The person in fronts flickers left-right-left-right and you overtake.

  3. C.C. Says:

    Love the new look and am honared to be the fan of the month. What to do now….my checklist of things to do before I die is one less now. *grin*

  4. Melanie Says:

    Poor Fish, getting left outside defenseless! My cat Harry (not declawed, but a big pathetic wimp nonetheless) is the exact same, he gets twitchy and excited when he senses we are going to let him outside. So much so, that once, he just about knocked himself out. Let me explain – in our house we had sliding patio doors out from the house to the deck. Usually, we are neat and organized folk and Harry can walk up to the doors where we can then slide them open to let him out. This time however, we were packing and getting ready to move, there were boxes and garbage bags of things strewn about, and so the only way Harry could get out was in a flying leap from the floor, over the garbage bag, and out the door. So, we opened the glass sliding door and off he went… and BAM he hit the screen door and crumbled on the floor! He was not hurt (except his ego) and he slunk (slinked?) outside when we opened the screen door too. Of course being the responsible pet owners that we are, we laughed ourselves silly at his embarassment :)

    Thanks for letting me share!

  5. Cat Says:

    Hi Mel,

    What a great story about Harry. I saw his photo on Rob’s flikr page, he is so similar to Fish – they look almost identical! Does Harry have six toes too?

    Thanks for the comment, I was totally able to picture it :-)

  6. Esther Says:

    Love the new website, though I do miss the pussypics.

    From a listener who is not a vacuum

    PS Your sp*mcheck has no sense of humour and didn’t get that ghosti spells fish

  7. Aaron Says:

    So you get a new show on the conglomerate but no love for The Big Show =(. I’m buying stock and suing the board!

  8. Ray M. Says:

    My cat from years ago, Random, got out of the house in the winter somehow. SHe had never been outside before, even though she always tried to get outside. I got home from work late and noticed a track in the snow all around the house. I looked and the track didn’t get more than a foot or two from the house all the way around.
    She just kept walking around the house, and she bolted into the house when I got home and never tried to get out again.

    One other story about Random. She always tried to jump throught the screen in one window. (Before she actually did get out.) All summer she dove at the screen, head first! Fall came and I shut the storm window. The storm window was outside of the screen.
    I was watching TV and saw her take her running start to dive bomb the screen.
    As she bounced off the window, and hit the floor awkwardly, she shot me the nastiest look. It didn’t help I almost fell off the chair laughing.

    My other cat was named Chance, for all you Douglas Adams fans.

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