Show # 73 – Sorry for the delay

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  • Bob is working way too much – more delays to come :-(
  • More postcards read
  • The Hog cast
  • Send in your Winter Driving Tips
  • Amazing race comment on The Big Show
  • Hockey pool disclosure with Digital Detroit Radio
  • Thanks to Bruce for the Amazing package
  • Quiz of the Month – answer via e-mail only
  • Send me your comments – help fill the void between casts :-)

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One Response to “Show # 73 – Sorry for the delay”

  1. Nic Says:

    We don’t get snow around here so i don’t have much winter driving advice; our winter driving is just like the summer driving but with the windows rolled up.

    If you’re driving here at the speed limit, cars (and even buses) are going to pass you like you’re standing still, hehe. No need for signals. But i remember in Brazil, bus and truck drivers do this thing where they put the right flasher if it’s safe to pass them or the left flasher if there’s a car coming. Most people from here thought it was the other way round (and that caused some accidents) but if you think about it, there’s some logic behind it. If you put your right flasher on it’d be like saying “i’m going to turn right, so passing me on the left is ok”, and putting the left flasher would mean “i’m turning left so don’t go there”.

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