While you are waiting for the next show

Hi everyone,

Here are a few things you can do while waiting for the next extra super CatFish Show:

Send a postcard: PO Box 87, Ste-Marthe sur le lac, Quebec, J0N 1P0

Leave a comment: link below

Answer the Quiz of the Month: send me the answer via e-mail cat (at) Catfishshow.com

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Thanks, pass it on to everyone you know. :-)


2 Responses to “While you are waiting for the next show”

  1. Daryl Says:

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Spruce Meadows post card. In space. At this time of night.

  2. PeteC Says:

    hello from
    peteC from nashville

    Bob.. no way i would pass any car that had turned on his left blinker..
    never never..
    if you want a trucker to pass .. the best way is to slow down move as far over to the right of the road (or on the shoulder if paved) and when he goes arounf flash your head light as soon as it is save to get back in..

    and Cat.. our winter weather driving tip from a trucker who grew up in south Fl. and lives in nashville Tn.. PARK IT.. we cut way back on our winter driving. well we do own our own truck and work real hard in the good seasons.
    and watch the weather all the time. being and X pilot i know the importance of the weather forcast..
    still out her listening..
    The catfish show was my first ever podcast. and still one of my fav’s. and i enjoy bob and aj..
    Pete c

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