Show # 68 – I love Big Macs

Today’s Show:MP3 or RSS – 22 min

  • Zedcast‘s message about the Katrina disaster
  • My feeling about podcasting today
  • New Orleans Mug is broken
  • Dan’s pen is broken
  • Panda’s at the Zoo
  • Widgets on my Dashboard
  • McDonald’s coupon fiasco
  • New Postcards – keep ‘em coming
  • Podcaster Meet-up
  • Quiz of the Month….

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7 Responses to “Show # 68 – I love Big Macs”

  1. Holger (AKA MacManiac) Says:

    Hi Cat, hi Bob,
    found your show as Annik from “Schlaflos in M√ľnchen” mentioned it as to be one of her favs – well, and now your show’s one of my favs as well!

    Really like the style you have, the discussions and the way the two of you do that kinda stuff together!!

    Well, got an account on here but almost never use it as I’ve got also my podcast but it’s in german so you probably might not have much fun when listening to it ;) However, great show you’re doing here,

    many greets to beautiful Canada,
    keep up the good work,

    MacManiacs Podcasts

  2. Holger (aka macmaniac) Says:

    Cool, now that’s funny!! Well, I’m thinking on doing some podcast specials possibl in english, but not sure if that’ll happen! I’ll let you know once it’s done!

    Just finished the the Podcast-special for the Apple Music Event :)

  3. diane s Says:

    thank you for the panda cam hint- how cute!!!! I’m addicted lol

  4. Holger (AKA MacManiac) Says:

    Hey Bob & Cat! Just wanted to let you know that I officially linked your site now on my “Podcast favourites” :)

    And my site’s also moved to its new server.

    Have a nice weekend,

  5. Rob and Mel Says:

    Are you going to flikr all the postcards you get?

    Good show.
    I agree about those mcdonalds copons, bad advertising.

  6. Daryl Says:

    Hey Cat, I just notice you posted a question on one of my older posts, sorry for missing it. There are two cats, one is 15 named Tasha (My cat named after a star trek character.) The other is the GF’s named Zen because we once thought he was a mellow cat, turns out he is actually satan. Last night he got out a window (he is an inside cat) and spent the night in the rain, this morning I was greeted by the wettest cat I have ever seen, Again, sorry for missing your question

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I just listened to your episode 68 and, aside from having really enjoyed the show, I have an idea for you that I hope will be helpful.

    I’m about to begin recording my own podcast and will be using samson r21 dynamic mics. I don’t have a mixer or pre-amp, though. I’m assuming that the high quality mic you mentioned is also an XLR cabled mic like these so our situations are somewhat similar.

    I’m connecting mine directly to a 10 watt guitar amp, and connecting the amp to the line in of my soundcard.

    I’m using an xlr to 1/4″ adapter and a cable with two male 1/4″ plugs to connect to the guitar amp. You could also use a cable like this one to do it.

    Adjust your guitar amp carefully so as not to blow out your sound card, especially if your guitar amp is more powerful than my tiny little 10 watt one.

    The sound quality I am getting from this is amazing to me. I cannot hear any noise in the signal, even when I turn the volume all the way up.


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