Show # 69 – I have no Bruce

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13 Responses to “Show # 69 – I have no Bruce”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    As far as the “Bruce” thing goes, I think Hanging is too good for him!

  2. A Nony Moose Says:

    Yeah, but Nova Scotia is over 1200 kilometres away from Montreal, that’s over 15 hours of driving each way. It’s almost that far to London, England from Nova Scotia.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    But he said he was going to be there, he should have told them he wasn’t coming so they didn’t go out of their way. He had Cat running all over the bus station looking for that guy from Ottawa! Inconsiderate Bastard!

  4. A Nony Moose Says:

    But he didn’t know that was going to happen. Mark…I mean that Electric Sky guy, was just supposed to get a cab to the meet-up. I’m sure he feels terrible about what happened and was only trying to show that he was making an effort to “be” at the meet-up. And besides, he went to a lot of effort to create all those audio clips and from what I understand he made a life size cut-out of himself wearing a CatFish Show T-shirt and had it couriered to Ottawa to be hand delivered. I’m sure he didn’t want to hurt anyones feelings or embarrass them in any way…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    TAR & FEATHERS that’s what I say TAR & FEATHERS.

    Fan of the Month?? More like “Fan of the Mud!!”

  6. A Nony Moose Says:

    Yeah…I guess your right.

  7. diane s Says:

    Hmmm…if he was never going to come to the meet-up, he could still have had fun with it (sending his cut-out and audio clips) without making Cat & Bob think he was coming (phoning to say he was nearly there etc)& inconveniencing them- sounds like taking a joke too far to me! He doesn’t deserve a pen in my opinion– punishment enough! x

  8. Michael G Says:

    A joke is a joke and sometimes they go to far. If you are the person the joke was play upon you will feel worse than the others. Now I think he feels you guys were good sports and that is why he chose to pull it on you guys. I would take that as a compliment. It wasn’t a mean joke. If Bruce feels bad, he coyuld send you the money lost. (bob hates to waste money) Gas, Parking and Time.

    Send him a bill for the joke.Remember a Stay at home mom makes $25(us) an hour. So charge him for it all.

    But it was a joke and the tables can be turned. Anyone of us would be willing to help play a joke back.

  9. Michael G Says:

    Fan of the month, Yes he answered the question
    Z-Bread. Check your Oven it may be broken.

    Over reacting – maybe

  10. Mark (Electric Sky) Says:

    I’m not made of steel! He coerced me into it. He backed a dumptruck of cash up to my house and said it would be all mine when I got home from the meetup. He gave me $5.00 as a teaser (didn’t even pay for the beer) and when I got home, the dumptruck and all the cash was gone.

    Great meetup! I’m looking forward to seeing you again next month.

  11. Lurky Lurker Says:


  12. Holger (AKA MacManiac) Says:

    Yeah, totally agree, dump that fan of the month Bruce guy, well, actually I haven’t heard the episodues of what he did in the past but it’s just really mean what he did and I know if I’d be in Cat & Bobs situation I’d even have been much more upset!

    Greets to all of you from the country without any summer this year, Austria, Europe.

  13. C.C. Says:

    Not cool….Just not cool at all. I don’t think your over reacting at all.

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