Another Tuesday Night – and no Show!

Hi Everyone,

Well another Tuesday night has gone by and we didn’t get a show done!!

Here are my excuses:

  1. Amazing Race new season started last night (and it was 2hrs)
  2. Still feeling pretty lousy with this head cold – too tired at 11:00 pm to do a show!
  3. Hockey season has almost started, lots of exhibition games – Canadians were playing last night, so Bob was not into it either!!

So how is that for pathetic excuses :-)

I am going shopping today to buy some video tapes – so that we can record my favourite TV shows, cause there is one every night that I want to watch! I wish we had a TiVo.

What I like to watch:

  • Monday: Everwood, Huff
  • Tuesday: Amazing Race
  • Wednesday: Lost
  • Thurs: Survivor, ER
  • Fri: not sure yet
  • Sat: nothing really
  • Sun: Coronation Street (all day) Gray’s Anatomy..

So as you can see, I am busy stuck to the tube!! Pathetic!!

We plan to get a show out tonight – depending on what time Bob gets home from work!

Thanks for your patience – please send me comments or e-mails, I am feeling lonely :-)

e-mail: cat (at) CatFishShow (dot) com

Keep your eyes open for my new webpage – coming Very soon.


3 Responses to “Another Tuesday Night – and no Show!”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Jenny and I actually changed our podcasting schedule to fit around Amazing Race. On Tuesday, there are 3 shows we’d like to see, all on at the exact same time, damn tv network people…

  2. Daryl Says:

    For Friday try Threshold. Could be the new X files

  3. casino Says:

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