Show # 72 – Hypocritical pet Peeve

Today’s Show:MP3 or RSS – 21 min

  • Going away – again!
  • Hockey has started :-(
  • Half listening Tod
  • Comment on our wood pile – Flikr
  • Great show from Aaron & Jenny
  • More postcards read (sorry, its really bad)
  • Digital Detroit Radio – great show #50

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4 Responses to “Show # 72 – Hypocritical pet Peeve”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Here I was expecting you to pimp slap us on your show but it wasn’t that bad, in fact it wasn’t a pimp slap at all.

    I love ya Cat! Love ya Bob! Canadiens suck, go DALLAS STARS!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!

  2. Aaron Says:

    BTW….the link you have works but my URL was updated to

  3. Cat Says:

    Hey Aaron – nice to know our “pimp slaps” are loved :-)

    Link is fixed!! Thanks

  4. Holger (AKA MacManiac) Says:

    Heeey, great show again! Is that address for the postcards new? Never saw it the other days… must’ve been blind.

    Totally agree on that Bush-Government-US-Thing, Bob… that sucks.

    hey, you made me laught again, well, and again and, let me think, yeah, again ;)

    Have a great weekend,

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