Show # 54 – Lurkers are coming out!

Today’s Show:MP3 or RSS – 22 min

  • Intro from Aaron – the Big Show
  • Quiz is still on – give it a try!
  • Favourite Whale revealed – poll results
  • There is an official Lurker of the Month
  • Who is the youngest listener – Ryan is 13
  • Hi to some listeners
  • Jeff vs Geoff pronunciation
  • Science experiment with Breath Right strips (site seems down)
  • Baseball out of the Olympics
  • New Ask Cat question coming soon

Lurker of the Month

Thanks for listening


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2 Responses to “Show # 54 – Lurkers are coming out!”

  1. Aaron Says:

    The Tony Awards is the awards show for Broadway shows. It’s the awards show that nobody watches here in the States. If memory serves me well, it was about a month ago. Thanks for playing the promo though. I wish you both were going to the convention in November.

  2. Naomi Says:

    hi, I’m Naomi and I love your show! I live in England and I’m almost your youngest listener cos i’m 14. i voted for your show on podcastalley after the first time i heard it, and have all your shows now. what’s a lurker?

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