Show # 55 – Fan of the Month for July

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A special extra – Ask Cat!

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5 Responses to “Show # 55 – Fan of the Month for July”

  1. JDS1000 Says:

    heehee thanks for commenting about me Cat!!! and bob :P interrupting and yawning at me!?!?! I guess I’m not that interesting hehe, oh well.

    “Alaskan: a person from Alaska” not an alaskanian, not an alakanite, an Alaskan :)

    35 bucks bob? Canadian right, so what I owe you 13 cents :P just kidding just kidding, I know the Canadian dollars actually strong lolol. They’re atcually almost equal I think…

    No no I am not married… I’m just 18! :P

    Oh yeah, and the youngest listener…. My four year old niece is listening to the show with me as I’m typing this out, lol when we heard my name her eyes lit up and she said “ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT YOU” and I said “yes” and she went “that’s great!!!” aww she’s so cute, I could show ya a pic of her some time, she’s the cutest 4 year old in all existence… I also have a 1 year old niece (perhaps a future wife for your son???)

    hahaha anyways, talk to you laterz

    Jordan the Alaskonian

  2. Nic Says:

    Even with Bob half asleep you manage to crack me up, hehe. Great show!

    Hey, i just had an idea. Why don’t you change the virtual tip jar for a virtual gas tank ;) Or maybe keep both; americans can give you gas, europeans can give you euros, and i can give you moral support since i’m a broke student.

    By the way, country code for the US is 1 :)

  3. Bruce Murray (Zedcaster) Says:

    Congratulations to Udo(sp?) for being the fan of the month…but…uh…Cat…could you tell the rest of us what the correct answer was???

    I was listening, and listening, and I kept thinking “she’s going to tell us the answer and play the clip any minute”…and then the show ended!

    I replayed the end of the show TWiCE in case I missed it but, no, you never gave the answer. The rejection of not being the fan of the month (for the third straight month), is painful enough, BUT THE SUSPENCE IS KILLING ME! (Wink)

  4. Cat Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys, They are great!!

    Bruce – the funny thing is, right as we said goodbye on the show and Bob turned off the recording – I slapped my head (like in a V8 commercial) and said “Darn, I forgot to give the answer” and so Bob says, that’s ok, I bet nobody noticed!! I was will be giving the answer in the next show!! Sorry about that :-)

  5. Aaron Says:

    Another great show Cat, the Conglomerate gets stronger with every show. When do you guys buy Apple? Hey, if you like 70′s-80s music, specifically the stuff they used to play at the roller rink, I’ve got a new show at, Sundays at 2pm pacific. Loving your show as always, I wish you and Bob would reconsider going to Ontario in November. It’s gonna be a good time!

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