Show # 59 – Spamming votes & getting rid of Drugs

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5 Responses to “Show # 59 – Spamming votes & getting rid of Drugs”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Though I know who you were talking about since I got the same email, next time name names. I think the people who sent out the “vote for me” email need to be called out for it. Especially since they are using the email addresses of people who had previously emailed them but never gave consent for their email address to be used for that kind of stuff.

  2. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    I’m so paranoid, that even though I’ve never done anything like that, I still think it’s me that’s being spoken about… :-\

  3. Michael G Says:

    Hockey? They still have ice???

  4. Cat Says:

    Ha Ha Michael – we have ice here all year round :-) And Hockey is the reason for Bob to be…

    Mark – you are way too sensitive :-)

  5. Top Of The Pods Says:

    Whoops – we didn’t mean to upset you guys, or your wonderful nation! Our ‘misconception’ shows are usually us giving other nationalities the chance to prove the world wrong, one of us will do some friendly banter and disagree otherwise our show isn’t as fun when we don’t argue. Plus our audience love arguing with us too, you wouldn’t believe some of the emails we get whenever we get the tiniest thing wrong. We would like to add that Celine Dion does suck.

    Please feel free to send in a Top Ten English based list if you like – we love reading out other peoples stuff. I’m a cat fan though – if you can do a cat related list that would be even better. Everyone loves cats.

    The only thing we would like to correct you on is that we never said Mark and all Scottish people are always drunk. Untrue, we would never dare upset the Scottish like that, however we have had many a drunken telephone call from Mark telling us he loves us in the middle of the night. His liver must be twitching badly, just like our lawyers.

    STOP PRESS – CatFish Show exclusive!
    Canada features very highly in the forthcoming list Top 10 places I’d like to go on holiday…..we’ll do the list soon.

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