Show # 60 – Udo’s favourite Car!

Today’s Show:MP3 or RSS – 25 min

  • Intro from Cameron
  • More info on the Fan of the Month
  • Satellite google doesn’t show our pool?
  • Oakraider listener due to have a baby – check out his blog
  • CafePresse shirts taken off line – trademark for Got Fish
  • Simon’s operation went really well
  • Udo’s favourite car: Mercedes SLK
  • Mother saves child from Cougar attack
  • Next show is the quiz of the month – keep an ear out!

Shows I mentioned
The Big show
The Tartan podcast
Digital Detroit Radio
The Bitterest Pill

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3 Responses to “Show # 60 – Udo’s favourite Car!”

  1. Nic Says:

    Not a big cheese guy, Bob? J’ai pensé que vous avez aimé le fromage ;)

  2. tartan guy Says:

    As a loyal friend of the show, can you pass me the link to the google map of your street; Gail loves seeing that sort of thing.

  3. JanesDaddy Says:

    This is the info for the woman from (from WhoIs database);
    El Gato Loco
    Barbara Fabian
    947 Isleta Avenue
    Santa Barbara, CA 93109
    Phone: (805) 965-9514

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