Show # 45 – Scottish Football N Whales

Today’s Show:MP3 or RSS – min – almost 1/2 hr.

  • Intro from – I don’t know who!
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  • Winner of the Quiz – Biggest Fan of the Month
  • Nobody guessed at the bonus question
  • Special Guest – Skype call with Cameron from Tartanpodcast
  • Tartanpodcast in the News – BBC
  • What is your favourite Whale – visit the Forum
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This took so long to get up, because Bob’s 300 gig drive was full!!
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3 Responses to “Show # 45 – Scottish Football N Whales”

  1. Nic Says:

    Heey! I did try for the bonus question! When you said “a sporting activity” i thought maybe my guess of boxing accident was correct, hehe.
    I broke my arm falling form a horse when i was a kid. The funny thing is when i went to the hospital, my left arm was broken so the doc put a cast, and i mentioned my right arm hurt a bit too, so bam!, another cast! When we were leaving the hospital someone told my mom “wow, was he like, hit by a bus?!” haha! The next day we went to our usual doctor (who was not a butcher like the other one) and when he saw in the xrays the arm wasn’t really broken he took my right cast off and gave me one of those wrist band thingies.

    Ha, Finding Nemo is one of my favorite movies too! I have the seagulls as the background on my cell phone :)

    Ok, back to school work, yuck. Loved the show as usual! I’ll post about my favorite whale tomorrow :)

  2. CaugheyMachine Says:

    The intro is by Cathy at Country Style Hungarian restaurant (she says something like that at the beginning of the clip, followed by “You’re listening to CatFish Show”, or so she told me). I spoke to her a bit and briefly explained that you had an “Internet radio show” (close enough), so she knows that much.

    And I’ll cast my lot with killer whales, with the assumption that they have my back should a shark attack me. Plus, they travel in pods. :-)

    Chris CaugheyMachine
    Toronto’s Molar Radio Podcast

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Cool site, Cat! When you get a sec, how’s about submitting it to the directory on:

    We’d love to have you there.


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