Show # 47 – Lesson of the Day

Today’s Show:MP3 or RSS – 25 min

  • Weather – Hot Hot Hot – Humid
  • DJ Max intro – fan of the month
  • Lesson of the Day – Toronto
  • Thanks to Oakraidr for Chicken BBQ
  • Which is your favourite Whale - vote here
  • Thanks for the tips – we are getting a new Mic
  • I am going away for a few days – no Tuesday show :-(
  • No date for the Macleans magazine… Figures

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One Response to “Show # 47 – Lesson of the Day”

  1. Andy Hopton from Fife (Scotland) Says:

    Hey Cat & Bob,
    Listened to the show last night in bed. Just to confirm it is “Glaswegian” like “Norwegian” but all non-glaswegians (i’m a Fifer btw) call them wegies pronounced “wee-jays” or “wee-gees” depending on where you’re from. Anyhoo, I tune in to you guys and of course the Bob and Aj show and was just thinking, apart from the guys from tartan podcast (who do a great show) are there any other podcasters from Scotland that you guys come across?
    Keep up the good work
    Love and Hugs


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