Show # 48 – Podcast from Far Away

Today’s Show:MP3 or RSS – 16 min

  • I am in Vermont, Bob is at home – Skype call
  • Intro and comment from Nicolas – Blog
  • French operating systems and keyboards
  • New listeners – thanks for the feedback
  • What is the name of the Whale in Pinocchio
  • Scottland family listening – Welcome
  • Do we have a famous listener? comment from Bob (another Bob)
  • HP sauce pictures wanted – check the forum
  • Still waiting for T-shirts – looking for something to say on the back.

Thanks for listening


2 Responses to “Show # 48 – Podcast from Far Away”

  1. Nic Says:

    I had to leave a comment on this one! It’s the only thing i had left to do, haha!
    Actually, i didn’t mention whales in any of those comments! They both said about the same.
    We have keyboards in spanish here. That’s how i can do this: “ñ”. Oddly, i can also do this: “ç”, wich is absolutely useless since it’s not used in spanish. I don’t even know what it’s called; to me is the weird c.
    Everyone must be sick of me already so i’ll stop writing now.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Oh Cat and Bob, how I love listening to your show! You two come up with the best stuff to talk about, especially the stuff about French keyboards. I love my friends in Canada! Maybe I need to put together some useless facts about Queen Creek, AZ for you since you had some interesting details about Toronto.

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