Show # 49 – Shad flies are Gross!

Today’s Show:MP3 or RSS – 27.5 min

  • Neighbours watering their lawn?
  • Big Show – have to win the quiz for me to talk about your city!
  • Our Anniversary is coming up!
  • Shad Flies everywhere (picture)
  • Comment from CC Chapman – Accident Hash
  • More info about Fan of the Month – DJ Max
  • Anne’s artwork – check it out!
  • Welcome to new listeners
  • Forum has hit 50 in Members list – thanks Email Gail

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One Response to “Show # 49 – Shad flies are Gross!”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Ok, to ensure I win the next trivia question, please ask the following question….Name the host of The Big Show.

    Congrats on your upcoming show 50! I’m planning on traveling to Vancouver this summer, any suggestions on what to do while I’m there?

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