What a night!

Well, as you can tell, we did not get a show up last night (Tuesday) like usual.

Sorry about that!

I was really tired, I have been staying up later than I should be for quite some time now. Bob was working late last night and didn’t get home until 8:30 pm, so given we were both pretty tired, and that #50 shouldn’t be just a “oh I’m tired, but here is a little show” show – we have decided to do it on Thursday (BAJ will be recorded on Wed this week).

Its a good thing, because for some reason Simon had a rough night. From 10:40 pm to about 2:30 am he was up and crying – not sure why. And it just never seemed to end. He seems ok today, but I am just exhausted!

So my plans to get an early start to bed last night and hope for a well rested night, just didn’t quite happen! oh well – that is what Tim Horton Coffee is for :-)

So stay tuned, lots of stuff to catch up on for the Next show – like how the Date went!!
Bob will be on vacation on Thursday, so we will be ready for a nice relaxed show.



3 Responses to “What a night!”

  1. Nic Says:

    It’s ok :) That gives me more time to look for the “CAT 050″ license plate ;) . It’s a long shot, but i’ll keep looking!

  2. Michael G Says:

    Check Simons teeth, I know Owen had a fever (101 f) and he had a new set of molars coming ing. The tylenol meds worked great….

  3. Tim Blake Says:

    I think i am gonna opt cat as my pet.

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