Show #50 – Cat gets personal

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  • Congratulations on Show #50
  • Date night – Movie Review – C.R.A.Z.Y
  • Pet peeve – please quote the correct URL
  • Podcast Awards – nominate us in People’s Choice
  • A detailed account of my pregnancies:
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • C-Dificile – read about recent outbreaks
  • T-shirts are available – here
  • We are going to Stowe, VT for a romantic weekend

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7 Responses to “Show #50 – Cat gets personal”

  1. Nic Says:

    First of all, congratulations on the 50 shows!! It was really special to talk about something so personal. I consider you guys my friends and i know i’m not the only listener who does, and you telling us something like tells me you consider us your friends too :)

    Did you check for the movie? Here is the page. Someone called it the “best Quebec movie ever”. I’ll have to look it up around here. And speaking of links, i was listening to the show at the computer so i did the google search along with bob. It was like an interactive show, haha!

    Hope you have a good time in VT :)

  2. Aaron Says:

    Congrats on show 50. I would never get wrong, I mean how could you get wrong. I double checked to make sure I had on my blog correctly. Thank god I had correct. But again, congrats to on your 50th show.

  3. Paige Says:

    Okay Cat,
    Seriously sorry about the incorrect url. I do love your show and I want the love to be mutual so I will correct the url in case people don’t see your comment. Again, we are new to this and are not as tech savy as you are :)
    I am doing the links myself and find that I suck so please be patient. But again, love your show. This show is very touching. Paige

  4. JC Says:

    Congratulations on your 50th. Thank you very much for sharing your pregnancy experience with us. I do indeed feel special to know that about you. I also feel very lucky to have run into your site, which I found not only entertaining but… special. Like I belong there in community.

    I need to find out exactly how to nominate your show, because it is but far my favorite (Bob & AJ’s is a close second).

    Hey Bob, I have been letting my son drive us to the UMSL (University of Missouri St. Louis) campus about 30 min away. He’s doing a summer internship for high schoolers and we listen to the Bob & AJ show on the way. Brett loves it (he’s 17).

    Saludos guys and congratulations again.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Cat,

    Posted this in the forum, but I’m sooo sorry I got your URL wrong. I did get it correct in the show notes……but I did give it out wrong on the show. Never again. Ever. I promise. :)

    Great show,


  6. mamaloo Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with me and the rest of the world. I can’t imagine having two miscarriages back to back and then having the colitis/infection – crikey!

    And, as a sidenote, my sis has been on and off prednisone since she was 11 (finally off it permanently for since age 30) for giant hives (Urticaria). She would get flareups of the hives in 4-5 year cycles so she would be on the meds for a year and then off for 4 or more years and then back on for a year, etc. Perhaps they explain a few things about her personality, but mostly I noticed the weight problems. Naturally thin, she’d balloon up by 50 or more pounds. By the time she’d get the weight off, another cycle would begin. It’s a crappy way to live.

    Congrats on show number 50!

  7. gamonie Says:

    I haven’t gotten much done these days. So it goes. What can I say? I’ve just been letting everything pass me by. Basically not much going on lately, but it’s not important. I’ve basically been doing nothing worth mentioning.

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