Show #37 – Quiz for May – Ask Cat!

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  • Bob did get a present for his Birthday!
  • Went to see the Dr.
  • Vote or don’t Vote
  • Visit the forum
  • Quiz of the Month – Win a Pen ** the Quiz is Answered**
  • Donkey’s & Zebras, Tigers & Lions
  • Michael’s Blog
  • Send your Intro to the Show
  • Ask Cat! – First one (a bit long, shorter next time)

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One Response to “Show #37 – Quiz for May – Ask Cat!”

  1. Nic Says:

    I’m glad i listened to the show when i went to bed and not on the bus like i usually do. You guys had me literally laughing out loud! First time was when Bob said “there’s your damned drumroll”, and also, and this time i laughed so loud i probably woke someone up, when you mentioned me and Bob said “who has to learn how to use an mp3 player”. In my defense, i don’t even own an mp3 player ;) Meh, it’s ok, i deserve it for being a dumbass…

    Loved the show, as usual. Thanks for the laughs!

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