Show #43 – Worst Show Ever

Today’s Show:MP3 or RSS – 20 min

  • No McDonalds in May
  • Bad supper (again)
  • Trip to Costco
  • Fisher Price bubble mower doesn’t work
  • Nice Logo eh?
  • Invite to Nova Scotia – we would love to go!
  • Ottawa Podcaster meet up – need a babysitter!
  • Bruised tongue!

That’s it – sorry for wasting your time!

Next one will be better!! Quiz coming next show.


8 Responses to “Show #43 – Worst Show Ever”

  1. Nic Says:

    Woman, you have less self esteem than me, and i didn’t think that was possible, hehee. “Sorry for wasting your time” she says…
    I don’t think the show was bad at all. You made me laugh like as usual :)

  2. Scarborough Dude Says:

    Hey – I don’t know why you say that last show was so bad – I couldn’t tell the difference between it and any of the others. Hmmm, maybe that came out wrong? Maybe it’s because I’m back in Tokyo, and anything in English sounds like fun…

  3. DJ Max Says:

    I wonder if I can sue for false advertising. I was expecting the worst show ever and I was disappointed. It was as good as any of the other shows. Cooking tips, a product review and rambling. Who could ask for more?

  4. Michael G Says:

    YOU OWE ME MINUTES OF MY LIFE BACK. no just kidding. Nice show, something I expect from you both. A relaxed show, with topics from the top of your heads.

    I clean my grill before I cook. THat way I can get it nice and Hot. I spray the chickens (breast) with “pam” and then cook them. No sticking, except for the spots I miss. But I spray the chicken and NOT the grill. I buy the frozen breast in the bag, cook 15-20 min each side, and they are perfect. I keep the grill settings on medium heat, around 350 degrees on my temp gauge, works best for me.

    Costco, I try for under 150. Those bastards have me cruising every isle for their crap.

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY you stoped eating at that Hell Hole called MickyD’s. There is NO good reason to eat that crap. Especially Simon. I have eaten at a McD no more than once a year. Jack int he box, taco bell,In and Out Burger Yes, but not McD’s.

    Post a time you guys are podcasting and then we could try to “skype in”

  5. Michael G Says:

    did you put an greeting on your comment line? I tried calling to leave my comments, but I did not know if it was your line I was trying to connect to.

  6. Cat Says:

    Hey guys (notice its all guys) Thanks for the encouragement – I just felt that I usually do better!!

    Michael, you had me there (for a second) I didn’t think spryaing Pam on food was a good thing!

    I must admit – I Love Big Macs! so giving up McD was hard for me – not for Bob! We often feed Simon something else and then we get McD for us – nice lessons learned there eh!!

    As for other Fast foods, we don’t have Taco Bell in Quebec, Jack in the Box either – only place I ever saw that was in Hawaii, In and Out Burger – never heard of it! But we do have Patate Depot!

    Hey, why aren’t we doing this in the Forum??

    Thanks tons guys, much appreciated :-)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Did I hear that right – you _boiled_ the chicken?

  8. Terry Says:

    Hey Cat,

    Just wanted to let you know that Quebec is getting a Taco Bell. The first one will be on the West Island of Montreal. Should open in December. They have plans to open 20-30 more locations across Quebec.. WOOHOO!