Show #32 – Back Home

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  • My Flight back – missed the connection to Montreal :-(
  • More on Rosario next show…
  • New listener from California
  • Do you want to exchange stamps??

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5 Responses to “Show #32 – Back Home”

  1. Michael G Says:

    First thank you for the boycotting on voting. I will still give you my vote. But without the begging, I feel better about giving the vote.

    The iTalk
    Will allow you to record to the ipod, but the mic sucks and there are better options. The iRiver, comes to mind.

    When you collect the stamps do you want them sent in the mail, so they have been “stamped” by the post office, or do you want new ones, put inside the envelope?

    Glad you are back. I really Missed the show

  2. Shay Says:

    I am glad to hear you are back home after all that craziness, reminded me of when I was bumped off my flight with my then 1 year old coming back from Austria!! I was all by myself and crying to many people who kept trying to understand english through my sobs. Yeah, emotions were pretty high that day too.

    About recording- I thought of the Griffin product as well, but I just have it for my kids to record and have fun- I didn’t know any specs on it. What did you guys use for “the date” podcast?

  3. Mindcaster Says:

    yes, iPod is cool, but I agree with Michael, you will love the iRiver’s conveniences. Just don’t get the destracted by the sound of my last podcast, that was the last time I used the clip-on mic.

    (PS: I will arrange some Dutch stamps for ya)

  4. Cat Says:

    Hey thanks for the heads up on the iPod product – I think an iRiver would be the best way to go – at least the is what Bob the producer says – for recording with 2 mics.

    Stamps would be cool either way, but I think if they are mailed (in an envelope and not post marked) it would be easier (don’t have to unglue it) but not sure if it would be more valuable if it is post-marked! Any ideas??


  5. Michael G Says:

    I thought, that stamp collectors like it to be post-marked. Something to do with the date.

    But if you have a book and are putting them in there, then the other way would be better.

    Your call….

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