Show #33 – Mental Farting

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  • Nicolas – Biggest Fan of the Month – see his Blog
  • More info on Rosario – wikipedia
  • Sarah McLaughlin – I love her music
  • Where are you from – Forum link
  • Should we do a Draw for the next quiz?

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10 Responses to “Show #33 – Mental Farting”

  1. Nic Says:

    Ha! so this is what you were up to! Well, i’m glad you liked my blog. The name is a mix between “brain fart” and the spanish translation, wich would be “pedo mental”. Now that i’m thinking, am i the only fan to have a show named after him? (my blog actually but still…)

    Don’t worry about the Pepsi comment, you woldn’t want them as a sponsor anyway (heh, if you had ANY chance, there it goes). Now, if you got Coke to sponsor you, you’d be the coolest podcaster ever.

    Do me a favor, slap Bob for me! You can drive a new Jeep AND get an iPod shuffle?! What are you waiting! And where do i sign up! If anyone gets a free player and doesn’t know what to do with it, there’s a guy in Argentina who would appreciate it 0:)

    Yup, i’m still living at home. It’s not weird around here. The job market sucks, so it’s not easy to get a good paying job AND study, so most people stay home as much as possible. Also, we don’t really eat rice and beans over here. The first time i tried that was when my girl made them for me! She had to come all the way from the states.
    I’m studying communications by the way. And i’ll be 23 in June.

    I guess you read my old blog. I was whining too much, so i just started a new one.
    It was very much almost, and i am regretting not doing it mostly because it was my fault. Anyway, i don’t want to bore you with my sorrows, so thanks for the offer, Bob :) If i’m ever on the area i’ll take you up on it. And also, i still have the problem with the files downloading as mpegs (is it just me or does my browser hate me?).

    Oh and the contacts post was because i use monthly contacts, and i never remember when i started a new pair. Now whenever i wonder, i know where to find out. How nerdy of me, huh?

  2. James Says:

    hi, cat.

    i don’t think the competition should be drawn because then it isn’t really a competition any more – just a prize draw.

    you could upload the show containing the quiz at a random time of the day or night to make it fairer geographically.

  3. Michael G Says:

    I think Nic need his own podcast to answer your questions. When the winner is announced, have them fill out a questionaire.

    Drive the jeep twice.

    DON’T MAKE IT A DRAW. Then there is no desire to try and be first. Just lucky. You keep it, so it is easier for you.

    Nice try Bob, but no cash from us. Or we would just BUY the pen.

  4. Bob Says:

    So to summarize, I’m supposed to get a slap, drive a Jeep, get an ipod shuffle, and stop asking for cash.

    Got it.

    Just maintaining my to-do list..

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Cat, hey Bob. Good day, eh?

    Thanks for mentioning me in your last podcast. Cat, you did a wonderful job with my name: Juan. I go by JC also. Good pronunciation. Bob, your wife is HOT, and people from the Southern hemisphere know it when you’re hot. No reason to get jealous now just be proud. Or maybe she’s like my wife Carol: a complete foreigner magnet according to her friends. Hey, your kid is cute too. Is he going to play Hockey? The St. Louis Blues need some fresh blood.

    Why am I in St. Louis? I am a big fan of Brett Hull. No, really, long story. Weather is not too cold or hot. The schools are fantastic, nationally rated in the US, a lot of the graduates go to big name colleges (my kids are smart, don’t know why. Maybe Carol’s fault). Actually it was Carol’s fault she got a job with a large chemical company in town that makes stuff for medical and biological research. I was kind of bored with my job so we moved from Dallas, TX.

    I went to college in Tulsa, OK, where I met a lot of your compatriots from Alberta and BC. Nice people, good taste in beer. Bob, I want to go to Montreal and have a beer. What is a good pub or beer joint like we they say here?

    About the French cast. Well, you don’t have to. I thought you said something about letting you know if we wanted you to speak French. I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to do that. The road trip idea and talking with neighbors sounds good.

    Hey, I got my friend José from work to listen to your show. He’s originally from Mexico and now lives in St. Charles, MO near St. Louis. I think he liked it. He has a blog and a couple of websites. I don’t yet know the links but I will let you know if you’re interested.

    It was cool to hear the sound bite from Nico. He’d right. It’s not weird to stay home after 20 in many places in Latin America. I left at 23, but that was only because I was getting married to a sweet Arkansas girl.

    Good show.



  6. Michael G Says:

    Wow, Latins in Canada….

    I thought the farthest North they went was Colorado.

    Just Kidding.

  7. Cat Says:

    Wow, what amazing comments!!!

    So we need to set up a “Meet-up” in Montreal with Cat & Bob (I guess we could have AJ come too)

    Summertime is the Best time to Visit – July has tons of Festivals.

    So how do we set it up – Pick a date and see who shows up??

    July 1st is Canada Day and the beginning of the Montreal Jazz Fest – any takers???


  8. Don Lapre Zach Says:

    Thanks for the given information…any updates….

    Don Lapre Zach

  9. Fuzu Says:

    Ooh dang i just typed a huge comment and as soon as i hit reply it came up blank! Please tell me it worked properly? I do not want to sumit it again if i do not have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.

  10. jeffery y. wetzel Says:

    Hi just thought i would let you know i also had a problem with this blog appearing frozen as well. Might be gremlins in the page.

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