Show # 35 – Big Mac avec Frites

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  • A show about nothing
  • Podscope is really cool
  • Bloglines – sharing blog feeds
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  • Forum is almost done – or maybe it is done!!
  • We both got dumped :-(
  • Bob orders McDonald’s in French (sound tour)

Thanks for listening – sorry it was dull.


6 Responses to “Show # 35 – Big Mac avec Frites”

  1. Nic Says:

    It wasn’t dull at all :)
    It’s funny, for some reason i thought bob didn’t speak french (well, till a few days ago when i heard him speak french on Bob and AJ). I understood most of what he said when ordering at McD’s; i guess the little french i learnt in school wasn’t that useless…

  2. Cat Says:

    Didn’t think Bob could speak French??

    He _is_ French – his mother tongue is French!!

    I know, its amazing how well he speaks English.


  3. Nic Says:

    French as in canadian french or as in french french??

  4. Cat Says:


  5. JC Says:

    He wonders how a Venezuelan ends up in St. Louis? How did he end up in Montreal?. Je pense que c’est plus loin, non?

  6. Bob Says:

    I’m french-Canadian – I was born & raised about 6km from where I am right now.

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