Show #36 – High on Cold Meds

Today’s Show:MP3 or RSS – 27 min

  • New Forum is doing great – come visit
  • Man commits suicide by crashing into a tractor trailer
  • Ask Cat! – new bonus feature show – send me your questions
  • New listeners – update
  • I saved a bat!!
  • I won a case for an iPod Mini from
  • Message from Matt from Digital Detroit Radio
  • Member of AMP
  • New Quiz coming soon – keep listening

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3 Responses to “Show #36 – High on Cold Meds”

  1. Michael G Says:

    Nice to know the both of you can handle your drugs.

    My “Dear abby” question:
    Do you want comments here or the message board?

  2. Cat Says:

    Hey Michael – Those drugs were great :-)

    For Ask Cat – you can either send me an e-mail: askcat(at) if you want to be anonymous, or you can post it in the forum if you want me to answer right away!!

    Not sure how its all going to work – depends on the questions and the people who want answers!!

    Check out the forum – I will have more details there!



  3. Anonymous Says:

    Cat… you said shit!!OH MY GOD!!


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