Show #22 – And the Winner is….

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  • Wow what a great response
  • People in the UK are smart!
  • The Fan of the Month – Deborah – from Oxford (again)
  • Honourable Mention – James (visit his site)
  • Piercing for Eyeware – take a look
  • Julien at In Over Your Head Radio
  • Students on strike – what is the point?
  • Anybody seen the movie Waking of Ned Devine
  • Send in your intro!

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6 Responses to “Show #22 – And the Winner is….”

  1. Michael G Says:

    Good morning Cat, Thanks for giving me a mention on your show. I should ask to be declared the winner for the Pacific timezone, because I will have NO chance against the people 6 hours ahead of me.
    I don’t really need the pen, because I can steal one from work. Just knowing I was the first from the US tells me I am a winner.
    I posted my answer on this comment page, because you already had a winner, and there was no reason sending an email, plus I did not hear the rules to do that. (and I cheated and looked on the internet) So I will not be sending an audio apology, because I do not have a mic to record one with.

    I will consider staying up till midnight next month to try my hand at the prize.

    A fan in the making….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Are you guys crazy?? Do you know what the cost of tution is? I have $50000 of debt for my degree in architecture – and that was with the help of scholarships and bursaries, with summer and part-time employment. Why would we want to compare our tution prices to the US? A country that increasingly favours the rich, where only the privileged can afford an education! In many european countries a secondary education is FREE! A student strike serves the purpose of most stikes – it gets people talking about the issue and assessing what this countries priorities should be.

    Diggin’ the show …

  3. Cat Says:


    Wow, I really was completely out of the loop on what Tuition costs are now – so thanks for clearing that up and good luck paying it all!!

    My point still stands, that I don’t see how going on strike will do anything. You(striking students) are loosing valuable paid class time and are not causing any interuption to anyone else – so maybe something better can be done that will make a difference to the Government.

    I have no problem with bursaries, loans and grants – I was lucky and was able to do my schooling in three years and had some assistance from my parents – but for most others it is a big debt that follows you for most of your adult life.


  4. Michael G Says:

    My problem with College is the way we pay for them. College student give money UP FRONT and hope they get a good education.

    I do not go to a car repair shop hand the mechanic money and Hope I get my car fixed. Why do we trust the school to give out a proper education?

    If the professor was away and the grad student taught the class, I want a discount. If the Professor english was hard to understand, I do not want to Pay. If I drop out, I wont be worried about losing any money, right now the school doesn’t return any money.

    I will pay for the service rendered, and if not withhold my diploma, that is what we are after, right? Without it the time spent was wasted. So stop charging an arm and a leg for services I have not received.

    So good luck Kids, take it to them. Get what you are after. An “A” for effort, but an “F” for missing class.

  5. Andrea Says:

    Hi – I just want to write in to correct my own grammar before someone beats me to it – ‘countries’ should be ‘country’s’ – shows what I learned!

    Anyway – Michael, I think you’re totally right about schools not really providing what you pay for. On two separate occasions I’ve had profs tell me that teaching is their lowest priority. It sure doesn’t make you feel too good about the money you’re spending …

    And Cat, from what I understand in my limited research on the subject – in Quebec, after a student union holds a legal vote to strike it becomes illegal for the institution to continue operation. So in the bigger picture, a legal student stike shouldn’t have the effect of causing classes to be missed. Not being from Quebec I’m not sure how or if it applies to CEGEP, and unfortunately for my bank account I didn’t study law …

    Fight the power!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i’ve been checking out BMEzine for a while now, as i’m sure Bob and you can imagine. it’s a good site for a lot of reasons, and gets a lot of weird articles about stuff like those glasses. very creepy for us that are longtime readers that it hit newspapers – especially the Gazette, which is backwards in so many ways…

    - julien

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