Show #24 Pumpkin Regatta

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Rick Mercer Small town contest – Pumpkin Regatta
FrostBite – Quebec girl awarded
Guy who tries to see Girlfriend in Canada
Man dies at hockey game – play resumes
GMail accounts available – e-mail me cat (at)

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One Response to “Show #24 Pumpkin Regatta”

  1. Michael G Says:

    The worst I have had is Frost Nip. When I was in the Army I was training at Ft Dix in New Jersey, from Dec thru Jan. Colded I have ever been in my life. I live in California and I was not used the the 4th season (winter) We only have 2 and a Half seasons out here.

    I did spend 3 years in Kansas, and boy did the wind chill make you forget about everything. Talk about shrinkage (bob will understand).

    Pumpkins this time of the year?

    Oh it is in the 70′s this week. Short sleeves and shorts for Little league practice tonight.

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