Show #2 – Ice Wine Season


We went to see Santa with the boy – he hated it :-)

Enjoy all the ramblings of nothing – and yes I did burn the article of the Tropical Paradise in Germany – but I do remember that it costs $33 for 4 hours of Sun and Sand.

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We’re Canadian, what are you?

2 Responses to “Show #2 – Ice Wine Season”

  1. Andy Says:

    Hey guys. I ran across your show on and I have to say you guys crack me up. Like this little nugget.
    “Last night what was I doing in front of the TV? Ya know because I watch too much TV.”
    “You were sleeping.”

    So keep up the good work. The only suggestion I have is that the show could be longer, I know you have a baby but y’all are just too funny.

  2. Cat Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the comment – I am so glad that someone is listening to our show and “gets’ our sense of humour.

    Longer shows would mean I would have to come up with more content!! I don’t want to just talk about boring stuff and waste people’s time.

    Keep Listening – more to come after Christmas

    Please vote for the show at

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