Show #29 – Visitor from Iceland

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  • Happy Easter!!
  • Cutting out Sugar :-(
  • New Listeners
  • Students still on strike
  • Podcaster Meet-up in Montreal – look here
  • Queen Camilla
  • Finger in Wendy’s Chili – link
  • Visitor from Iceland

Logo from Travis at Ponderplace

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5 Responses to “Show #29 – Visitor from Iceland”

  1. Michael G Says: The missing link.

    We tried to keep Owen from the Easter candy, but he figured out which egg (purple) had the candy in it. He did enjoy searching for the eggs.

    I agree with your theory on the women in the Chili. Where is the rest of her? She has to be in the whole batch. A Beef packers is missing a wife.

  2. Michael G Says:

    Chili so thick your finger will stand up by itself.

  3. MechMed Says:

    Oh hey I like the logo!

  4. AusPod Says:


    You have yourself a new listener.
    I love the show.
    I love the content and your views are a lot like mine!
    I’m an Aussie living in the USA and I also do a Podcast.
    It’s called Brain Strain and it’s a daily Music Trivia show (up to show 49!). Anyway, love the show and keep going.

    Paul Deppeler
    Enid, Oklahoma

    Brain Strain – Get Your Daily Dose!

  5. Cat Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am enjoying Florida now and thank you for all your comments!!

    Ha ha Michael – Good finger joke!!

    New show coming out soon! With a new quiz – until then – go and vote on Podcast Alley.



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