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Thanks to Trucker Bill for reminding me to do a show!

It’s only been about 11 months..

Big news… we are getting a dog.

We talk about Cavalia

How we decided on the type of dog.

Dog food decisions..

Not much else new.

How did you hear about this show?

12 Responses to “CatFishShow #141 – GoldenDoodle Series”

  1. Ole Kristian Valle Says:

    Thanks for the show!
    I enjoyed it.
    I did get a message on Facebook, so I rushed to the computer, plugged in my iPod, and I was ready to listen to the show on my way to work. Thanks again :)

  2. RicksterCDN Says:

    Very excited to have an episode. Hillarious that you will have a dog named Boo. Our family dove into having a dog join our family a year or so ago – it’s also a GoldenDoodle. You can be right on the size – based on the parents. Riley is about 85 lbs – his parents were 62 and 65 lbs. No alergies and minimal fur shedding.

    Great choice. can’t complain. nice show.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I’m still subscribed to the feed through Itunes.

  4. Ennev Says:

    “How did you hear about this show ?”

    I’m still subscribing to the show even after long silence, as long as the feed will be alive i’ll keep it in itunes :-)

    Thanks for the show and good luck with the dog :-)

  5. Trucker Bill Says:

    Loved the show !! I need like 2 shows a month !!

  6. Dan Says:

    I’ve been moving a growing file of RSS feeds around for years from one program to the next, and I never take out the dormant ones. (I think mostly tunes and Deranged Moose) are still in there). Your new episode just popped up in my player.

  7. Marijah Says:

    The puppies are so cute!!!

    I had dogs growing up & am now resisting my son’s begging for one. They’re a lot more work than cats! So far it seems they’re more fun for kids though. Good luck!

    I heard about the new show when it appeared in my iTunes feed as I’m still subscribed. I also subscribe to your podcast page RSS feed via Google Reader but I honestly didn’t see the note about the new episode until AFTER I listened!

  8. Annik Says:

    It’s so good to have you back! Although I’m not really interested in dogs. But anyway, of course I’m still subscribed and hope to hear the next episode soon!

  9. C.B. Says:

    I’m still subscribed to the feed through Itunes. My only comment on your last show is more. More shows. You guys rock and I enjoy your show so much. Amazing that I have been around for all these years. The dog will be a fun new adventure.

  10. Ryan Says:

    I apologize for the loss of your cat but congrats on the puppy. I have been listening to all your casts sense I stumbled across it when I was downloading music on my ex-phone. But I love this show. I have listened to most of them and I get a giggle every time. You people are awesome, in my opinion. I was thinking of this show while making cookies and I had to come and check and I have the recapie I would like to share. So here it is….

    Egg Free, No-Bake Cookie Dough (For Eating!)

    1 cup flour
    2 tablespoons flour
    1/2 teaspoon baking soda
    1/4 teaspoon salt (can be left out or reduced to just a pinch)
    1/2 cup margarine
    1/2 cup granulated sugar
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

    Add all ingredients together in a bowl. It helps if you cream the margarine separately and then add it to the bowl to avoid spending a long time trying to smooth out pieces of margarine. Store in the fridge or freezer (not at room temperature or it will quickly spoil because it contains uncooked margarine). Eat with a spoon or place on top of pies, ice cream cakes, cheesecake, homemade ice cream, or frozen yogurt!

    BTW this is awesome and i just wanted to share it with you!!!!

  11. Morrie Says:

    Thanks for this folks. Just about to listen. It will be awesome somehow, it slipped off my iTunes feed, but have just listened again to CPB of 1/12 (or do you say 12/1). Anyway, hope you all have a great year. The dog looks great.

  12. Beth B Says:

    I just listened to the show today, but I am still subscribed to the show on iTunes podcast via RSS. Still love the show. So how’s the puppy doing?

    BTW, I don’t do Facebook.

    Beth ‘Sept 2006 Listener of the Month’ B.

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