Still not feeling great!

Hi everyone,

Well we went to the winter festival on Sunday and it was beautiful – but I seem to have gotten hit pretty hard with this head cold… So may take a little while to get the soundseeing tour out – but it will be up at some point.

Not sure when the next show will be – sorry really feeling under the weather!

Send me your well wishes – cat (at)



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  1. Jan Says:

    Hi Cat,
    I hope you start feeling better soon! Is Bob feeling better and taking care of you? I hope Simon doesn’t catch it from you guys!

    Hey, I received the CatFish Show pen in yesterday’s mail! Cute! Looks, uh … handmade! How crafty! :) My Bob and I are both very proud to own one of these limited collectors items!

    Thanks again, and looking forward to the next quiz!

    Feel better soon,

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