Cat is Back!

Today’s show:MP3 or RSS – 14.5 min.

  • Mom had hip replacement today
  • How we celebrated Valentine’s day
  • Soundseeing coming soon
  • Chiroprator – should Bob go?
  • Quebec Pot Holes – do you have pot holes?
  • Prepare your Will/Testament
  • Mambo Italiano – movie
  • Fire truck in Australia – on a pizza run!

Thanks for listening! I am glad to be back and feeling better :-)


2 Responses to “Cat is Back!”

  1. Todd Says:

    Excellent show! You know, I think this is the first show I have heard that neither of you have been sick. Yay! Hehe.

  2. Michael G Says:

    iF YOU BUY FLOWERS IN January, they are WAY cheaper then. Since they are delivered, you can order and forget.

    Survivor RULES…..

    No Chiropractors, not worth the time and money.

    Donte the money to a charity, for Cats…in Simons name. We are planning on doing a Will real soon. Thanks for the reminder.

    Not that have a pizza deliver, wouldn’t the fire engine have a Radio???

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