CatFish Show #138 – How do you do this again?

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  • What we have been up to!
  • Some therapy that saved our marriage
  • Facebook Terms of Use
  • Recipe – Jerk Chicken Nachos

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7 Responses to “CatFish Show #138 – How do you do this again?”

  1. Steve Says:

    @ 1:07 – “I have been wanting to do a long one”

    I almost spit my coffee all over my monitor.

    I recommend Boom Blox for the Wii. Fun for all ages & challenging.

    Boy did I miss the Catfish Show

  2. Trucker Bill Says:

    Thank GOD you are back… I just about freaked out when I saw The Cat Fish show on my Ipod..

    I just love hearing bob say….. THE CATFISH SHOW!!!!

    Keep the comming now !! Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. katherine Says:

    I am *so* glad you’re back. And I’m so glad to hear you guys are in a better place — honestly, I can’t imagine one without the other.

    I loved “Slumdog Millionaire”, but I always tell people it can be fairly emotionally harrowing in spots.

    Did I say how much I’m glad you’re back? I’m so glad….

  4. Beth B. Says:


  5. vivian Says:

    Great to hear your voices … hooray. The recipe sounds great. We’ll have to try that! It’s great you were able to work things out also!

    Looking forward to 139!


  6. Autumn Says:

    I was thrilled when I saw your podcast downloaded into my computer. Yes I have missed your podcast so very much. Your podcast is like family… warm with lots of hugs.

    I agree with Trucker Bill when he said “Just love hearing bob say …THE CATFISH SHOW!!!!

    Keep the shows coming…..PLEASE!

  7. Benjamin Says:

    Hey Cat and Bob
    Really nice to hear another podcast from you and I’m glad you are in a good space now with your marriage. Communication is the key – lots of it and open and authentic. How’s Fish? Haven’t heard about him for a while and what about Simon’s school?

    See ya

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