CatFish Show # 137 – What we did this summer!

Today’s show – MP3 or RSS feed – 30 mins

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Show #4 for 2008 – Wow, that is pretty bad!

A big thank you to Christina – who motivated me to get a show done tonight!

A recap of what we did this summer – some pics are on Flikr – check them out.

An idea of what is upcoming (not too much)

The real and true Fudge Recipe!  Enjoy.

Thanks for Listening.


11 Responses to “CatFish Show # 137 – What we did this summer!”

  1. Nico Says:

    Seriously, it rained:

    By the way, should I change the banner to “more than once a season?” :)

  2. Lucas Says:

    A new show! Wooooo!!!!! I saw you were recording on Facebook and I could not wait to listen!

  3. maplestar Says:

    Glad to see a blast from the past.

    I’ve been terrible at LISTENING to podcasts lately, so don’t feel so bad…but I did listen to this one! Glad to hear you two again!

  4. Michelle B Says:

    Yaaaaay! Welcome back Cat and Bob! We missed you! Great timing too…I just caught up with all your old episodes! Btw Cat…I agree Tim Coyne is a hottie…and such a sweetheart!

  5. Steve Says:

    Hey Cat, great to see you’re still podcasting (when you have the time!) Been listening since the beginning (got here through Bob & AJ who I got introduced to through, I think, Deniz and the Tragically Nameless Podcast – Blast from the past for ya Bob) and have always enjoyed the cast. Kind of a lurker, but I’ve been here nonetheless.

    I can certainly sympathize with you on the whole bad things out of your control happening in your life. Our younger daughter (we have 2 – 5 1/2 and 2 1/2) was born with a defective liver and she had a transplant on April 21/08. New liver is working good, but other little complications have necessitated her having 2 more surgeries and a handful of other less serious surgical procedures over the last 4 1/2 months.

    We live in Prince Albert, SK, and the hospital she is being treated at is in Edmonton, AB (about 6-7 hours drive) so my wife has been virtually living in the hospital with our little one (Vanessa) for all but 2 weeks since the transplant. I visit as often as possible with the older girl (Olivia) and have spent 5 day stretches there relieving her (she stays at a hotel or with an aunt when I’m there and I stay in the hospital with Nessa) a few times, but it can be hard on Olivia being cooped up in the hospital over summer and with very little to occupy her time while we’re there.

    The stresses these situations can place on a marriage are very big, happen far too often and can lead to fights that can be doozies. My wife and I certainly feel a similar pain. But it sounds like you guys also have a great foundation, as I believe we do, and all will come together as you work things out and I also certainly agree that you guys should put the healing as the priority over the podcasting.

    Just try to stay happy. And know that there are plenty of us out here that are wishing good thoughts for you guys.

    I’ve listed the website where we’ve been blogging about the whole experience if you’re interested. You need to sign but it’s free. It’s through the hospital.

    Take care, sorry about the length.

  6. Annik Says:

    Hey Cat and Bob – of course we’re still there! It was so good to hear your voices again and I really hope you’ll be happy, happy, happy more often and then sit down to podcast… But even if not – I’ll stay subscribed!

  7. Tim Coyne Says:

    Great to hear you two again.

    Thanks for the compliments.

    I think both of YOU are hot btw;)

    Can’t wait to see you both again.


  8. Beth B Says:

    Hi Cat, great to hear you again. Glad things are going better for you both. And I agree – Tim Coyne is hawt! I’ve been a listener to THP for a long time now.

    I will second your admonishment NOT to substitute a different brand for the Eagle condescend milk. I have a similar recipe to yours (and it IS foolproof and yummy, folks, if you do exactly what Cat says) and I once substituted the cheapy storebrand. It tasted very tinny and was not nearly as good. So listen up to Cat!

    Have you gone riding yet? Hurry up before it gets too cold!

  9. vivian vasquez Says:

    Yahooo….great to hear your voices. Off to make some fudge….

  10. Lucas Says:

    The fudge was great! (I need another show!)

  11. Phil Bowman Says:

    Yay, another show!

    But what do we do in the UK with no Eagle brand?

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