CatFish Show # 136 – Fudge Packin’ in Toronto

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Several mouthfuls of fudge in this one, all at Podcamp Toronto (except Holger)….

(Warning, do not listen if you are hungry :-) )

Hopefully that was everyone!

Thanks for Listening.


16 Responses to “CatFish Show # 136 – Fudge Packin’ in Toronto”

  1. Nico Says:

    I was the only CatFish Show in-studio guest, as far as I know. I was the April 2005 Fan of the Month (which makes me think about two things – a) wow, it’s been long, and b) what happened to my CFS pen?? ). I seem to end up going to Canada and staying with you guys every 6 months. And still I never got to try the fudge!!

    Great to hear the show again :)

  2. Annik Says:

    After this torturous episode (I WAS hungry while listening!!!) there is only one thing you can do to keep me subscribed to your show: Give us the recipe!!!

  3. katherine Says:

    Bob’s right, that’s a great way to get to talk to people at a podcamp/conference type setting.

    I may have to steal the idea at some point…


    (And it was great to have another Catfish Show pop up in iTunes!)

  4. Bill Deys Says:

    I don’t remember standing around with those guys but I do remember the fudge it’s self. It was what good!!! And that has to be the best example of how much J talks! Glad to see ya back and can’t wait till PAB.

  5. Dave Delaney Says:

    Cat your fudge rocked. Damn that American Bio Terrorism Act! You probably can’t ship any to me in Nashville :-(


  6. Rob Says:

    It was lip-smackin’ good fudge, Cat!

    Looking forward to more CatFish Shows, PAB 2008 and… more fudge, eventually ;-)


  7. Martin Tip Says:

    Just found your site by accident doing a search for something completely unrelated. I very much like what i have seen so far! Added your RSS feed to my rss reader, looking forward to reading more. thanks

  8. Beth B Says:

    Yet another podcast where Cat makes us all hungry and she denies us even the recipe to make what everyone is enjoying! Oh well, good show anyway!

  9. Michelle B Says:

    I started listening because I got tired of hearing my husband Stevie Z telling me I HAVE to listen to the Catfish Show. I downloaded the latest episode and now I’m hooked!
    Hope to see you at PAB!

  10. vivian vasquez Says:

    as always….very good to spend time with you at PAB cat! sure wish you had brought some fudge ;-)

  11. NightOwl Says:

    We miss you! When’s the next show?

  12. Cat Says:

    You guys are so great! and Patient :-)

    Just trying to find a night where I am not too tired – Simon is busy busy busy….

    Was that a good excuse? No, probably not!

    Keep your ears open – one should be coming soon.


  13. James Says:

    Hey Cat!!! I love your show!! and I bet I am the youngest listener on your show!!! Because im 13!! and I tried to listen to the Bob and Aj Show but I couldnt because there was no Cat =( Well I have been listening to your last 5 shows again and again and AGAIN!!! because there PRICELESS!!!!!!! Also I will make a sound comment pretty soon! And finally I hope you could mention this comment on your next CATFISH SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. James Says:

    and you should call your show “A more than once a year show” not “A more than once a month show”!!! XD

  15. Beth B (FotM Sept 06) Says:

    I hope you are enjoying your summer hiatus! (And yeah, kids are a time sucking vortex. It’s a Good thing they are so lovable!)

  16. MacManiac Says:

    Cat, I miss you! Hope the next show comes soon!

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