We are buried!


Yesterday we got hit with out 9th big snow storm of the winter!

Bob and Simon digging out

Take a look at my Flikr page to see Bob trying to dig out!

4 Responses to “We are buried!”

  1. Beth B Says:

    I think we got ice when you got snow! Keep digging!

  2. Benjamin Franzmayr Says:

    I checked out your photos and wow, that’s just unbelievable. You really are buried in the stuff! So what happens when the weather gets warmer, how long does it take to melt? Do you get little rivers of meltwater running down the street?

  3. Kelley B. Says:

    Wow Cat! I’m in Michigan and I thought I got it bad! Good luck digging yourselves out! Hopefully spring comes soon!

    Kelley B.

  4. Ennev Says:

    Hope it’s all melted by now!

    Show soon ??? :-/

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