CatFish Show # 135 – Mid February and buried in snow!

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  • Audio comment from Trucker Bill – question for him about winter tires!
  • Vacum sealed storage bags
  • Amazing e-mail from a new listener
  • Signing Simon up for School
  • Audio comment from Annik Reubens – and her show link
  • Podcamp Toronto
  • How to get Fudge to Holger
  • The most amazing Lasagna – From Rachael Ray – try it tell me what you think!
  • Back ups – do you do them?
  • Large Lobster Goliath is coming to Montreal

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8 Responses to “CatFish Show # 135 – Mid February and buried in snow!”

  1. MacManiac (Holger) Says:

    Hey hey hey :-) Yeah, this Austria/Germany thing ain’t easy ;-) But you’re not the only ones that sometimes don’t remember ;-) DHL for example continuously sends my stuff to Australia instead of Austria… I should mention a comment “Where the cows are, not the cangaroos”. LOL Well… so concerning the Fudge (yippie, yippie, yippie!!!!) don’t use DHL please ;-)

    Backups: Surely do them on two external harddrives (250+500GB) via Time Machine. You’ve to look at it the other way; if there’s a fire you can get the harddrives much quicker than you could get the whole iMac out of your flat!

    Jellybeans: I hate the black ones :-)

    Annik: It’s “Rubens” ;-) Not Reubens…hihi

    Vacuumsealed-Bags: Hell, it made me laugh lound in the tram when I heard that!! HAHAHA

    BTW: Signed up to your Flickr Account via AppleTV2! It work’s great! I can see all those great pics of you guys in HD on my big screen now!! Just wished the “latest” cathegoriy wouldn’t have over 400 pics already ;-) seems as if someone will have to do some sorting, huh? ;-)

    Greetings from not to cold, snowless, Vienna!

  2. Zep Says:

    Hello Cat and Bob!

    Friends of us in Cornwall, UK send us non-refrigerated fudge every christmas and it tastes fantastic. If your fudge is not the soft chocolate kind I know from the US there should be no problem.
    If Holger can handle a cooking pot, here’s a link to a german fudge recipe:

    Greetings to you from Munich!

    BTW: Found your link at “Schlaflos in M√ľnchen”…

  3. Carli Says:

    I just ran across your podcast this last week because you see I am a proud owner of a brand spankin’ new mp3 player! Of course I needed to figure out how this bright and shiny new piece of metal and plastic worked and so I sat down and tried to download all kinds of music and….podcasts. I didn’t even know these things exsisted til last week and feel kind of sheepish that it took me so long to figure this out considering that you have been doing your podcast since ’04!

    ANYWAY, thank you for entertaining me at work. I listened to some really B.A.D. podcasts before I found yours and will be keeping up with you guys and waiting for new entries.

    Thanks for the chuckles!

    P.S. For other adventures in parenting/action adventure and unknown survival tips stop by my blog (Crumbs, Crayons & Carli Girl on Multiply)anytime. :)

  4. Trucker Bill Says:

    about our trucks with winter tires….

    No we really don’t have winter tires, they are mostly all year round.

    At least thats the way it is for me at Sara Lee, Inc.

    Keep them shows coming!!!!!

  5. Pam G Says:

    Hey There

    Tried the Lasagna. Of course I “Pamed” it… exchanging the ingredients for organic and lowfats…which almost always ruins any food I attempt. I’m please to report that it was great despite me. Thanks

  6. Mel from Halifax Says:

    Hey Cat,

    “Aufwiedersehen” literally means “till I see you again” and so “Aufwiederhoehren” would mean “till I hear you again”

    German tip of the day from your German-Canadian listener (whose German spelling is usually wrong but I think I’ve got the meanings right…)

  7. vivian Says:

    hey cat and bob,
    our babies are growing up too quickly. our little guy started pre-school this past year. junior kindergarten doesn’t exist in the dc area and the cut off for kindergarten is two weeks before his birthday. anyhow, we decided to capitalize on his interest in languages and enroll him in a spanish/english dual immersion program. so far so good. it’s amazing how much spanish he already knows.

    looking forward to simon’s first day pics!!!

    see you at PAB!


  8. hdf Says:

    A wanderer who is determined to reach his destination does not fear the rain.

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