CatFish Show # 134 – Wanta buy some snow!

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Happy New Year 2008

  • More Snow – woo hoo!
  • Check out the photos on Flickr
  • Catching up on audio and reading postcards (badly)
  • How do you get your pizza? – cut or not cut?
  • Driving question – who has right of way?
  • Mandatory Snow tires is a good thing.
  • Letters to Santa – Canada Post angry volunteers
  • Snow bank for sale?
  • We went past our Three years anniversary of doing Podcasts

People mentioned in the show:

Bruce Murray, James from Podquiz, Annik Rubens, Daryl Cognito, Holger from MacManiacs, Nico, Brett, Kim

There used to be a tree there!

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13 Responses to “CatFish Show # 134 – Wanta buy some snow!”

  1. Nico Says:

    A 43 minutes show! Wohoo! :D

    And I’m with Bob on the pizza. It doesn’t come cut in most places here, just “marked”. (by the way, did I have pizza with you guys? I’m trying to remember but I don’t think I did…)

  2. Chris (from down the street) Says:

    Deb and I order from that pizza place one town over and they’re the only ones that I know of that don’t cut the pizza. This really sucks because we don’t own a pizza cutter and it tends to get really messy trying to cut it with a knife.

    The brochure actually says on it that they will only cut the pizza on request. The problem is that sometimes we do request that they cut it and they forget.

    Nothing beats their “Quebecoise” pizza, though. Especially for the price.

  3. Julia Says:

    In Germany they don’t cut the pizza at all – unless you ask them to. I have never actually thought about it as a problem to discuss :-) I enjoyed your discussion though and thankyou for the insights of different customs.

    I also enjoyed your discussion of Anniks cat “Tiger” (“i” is pronounced “e” in German) and the guessing about the names. Your pronounciation of schlaflos was quite good. But Annik will probably tell you more. Greetings from Marburg (Germany).

  4. Cat Says:

    This was e-mailed to me:


    I think I know why you are getting uncut pizza. A couple years ago
    there was a study that said that your pizza would be hotter if it were
    delivered uncut. Turns out that when the pizza is cut you increase the
    surface area of the pizza which allows more heat to escape. By not
    cutting the pizza, the pizza arrives at your house several degrees
    hotter then it would if it were cut. So I suspect that the pizza place
    that is not cutting the pizza is trying to help keep it warmer.

    Love the show,


  5. katherine Says:

    No! Don’t change your show music! I love your show music! If you change your show music I will ruthlessly steal it and use it myself, because I love it!


    I can’t comment on the pizza thing, really, because we don’t order pizza anymore.

    I do think mandatory snow tires is a very good idea (along with mandatory lessons in driving in snow).

    It was great to hear the two of you again — happy new year, and looking forward to seeing you at PCTO!

  6. Dawn Z(ed) Says:

    I think the postcard from Scotland was talking about Ben Nevis.

    I’ve never received a pizza that was uncut. How odd.

    I wish you would continue to add your postcards to your flickr site. I love looking at the different postcards you get!

    I hope the winter weather isn’t hitting you guys too hard!

  7. MacManiac Says:

    Hey Cat & Bob & Fish & Simon and of course all the great rest ;-) )
    Glad the card arrived! Wondering if it was in time and before christmas? See, it’s gettin’ better concerning my handwriting, there’ve been times you thought I’d say bad things about your polish grandmother, remember? ;-) ))

    Concerning the jelly-bean-issue: Not quite sure if we have black jelly beans over here. Actually I love all except the light blue ones (menthol) and the dark blue ones (licorice). Are those the black ones you meant? Don’t know anybody of my friends who like those, actually.

    Btw. what’s this fudge thing that once again was mentioned? It sounds damn good but I’ve absolutely no idea what it is. LOL

    Well, so much for now, gotta get going to the gym! It’s so damn early…5:52AM

    *hugz* Holger

  8. MacManiac Says:

    Ah, yeah, and two other issues: Please don’t change your show music, I love it :-) Secondly: Here it depends where you order Pizza whether it’s pre-sliced or not. Some do, some don’t. But actually I’ve never seen one cutting it at the door ;-)

  9. Kelley B. Says:

    Wow guys! That’s a whole lot of snow!!! More shows more often, please!!! Thanks for this one. It made me laugh a lot!


  10. JimmyDash Says:

    Never wrote before, but there’s a first for everything. Been listening for about 10 shows now after finding you on itunes. I’m still listening, because you make me laugh.

    First, I’ll trade you the snow for our balmy mid 30′s weather we are having. Oh, I’m in Regina, Saskatchewan. So mid 30′s right now means -35C or -31F for those living south of us. It’s so cold the snow crunches and cracks under your feet when you walk.

    Second, I love black jelly beans, so when we have jelly beans at the office I get all the black ones, because apparantly I’m the only one who likes them, here. Mmmm.

    Third and last comment. I’ve never had a pizza, delivered or for pickup, not sliced. And I have had pizza all the way from Banff to Winnipeg, that I can remember. And when I thought of getting one unsliced I thought, “how odd.” And not having a ppizza slicer, I’ve found the best way to cut pizza is by using my handy food prep scissors. Cuts through melty cheese better than anything else!


  11. Cat Says:

    Hey Jim, Welcome aboard – glad to have a comment from you!

    Holger – I need to figure out if I can ship some to you – not sure how to do it, since I usually keep it refrigerated!!

    Thanks everyone for the comments – looking forward to doing another show soon – we are expecting more snow today!! Not that there is a relationship there :-)


  12. Melanie Says:

    Our pizza always comes pre-cut. Though sometimes they don’t get all the way through the crust, and you have to get out the pizza cutter or knife at home. Usually in that case we each just grab a side and pull :-)

  13. Phil B Says:

    Hi Cat & Bob, Congratulations on three years of shows!

    In the UK, I’ve always had pizzas delivered cut – if you get them from a shop they’re usually uncut.

    About Anniks’s podcast – Bob mentioned “Interesting Sounds” – is he thinking of Nicole Simon’s Useful Sounds?

    Winter tyres sound a good idea – not seen a flake of snow here :( As a tourist in Montreal before, I got a *ticket* for parking on the wrong side of the road (or rather, facing the “wrong” direction! couldn’t believe that was a rule. Over here, you take any space you can get.

    Hahum, good to hear you again, looking forward to your next show


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