Why can’t we get a show out?? Good Question!

Hi everyone,

Wow, it has been so long that I have wanted to do a show – its amazing how life just gets in the way!

So today I am preparing for my colonsocopy tomorrow (just a routine check up) – which means… lots of runs to the bathroom after drinking some awful – orange tasting stuff. (Its much simple nowadays – compared to drinking 8 litres in 4 hours and just sitting on the toilette all night. I did that like 10 yrs ago) and what can possibly go wrong?….. the toilette backs up! arggg…

Just before Simon went off to pre-school, he had take a dump – which I was very happy about, cause he hadn’t in a while… all said and done – I am not up to driving him, so Bob brings him for me. I noticed that he didn’t flush the toilette – which he usually does…. well, I guess he had, cause it wasn’t going down…. OMG…. I run into the garage looking desperatly for a plunger…. never really remembering ever seeing one in this house (we have been here 1 1/2 years) I remember where it was in the old house… in the basement behind the toilette we never used… its probably still there (ooooh).

When Bob got back – he too went to the garage and looked for the plunger – he also did not recall ever seeing one in this house….. oh dear… I can’t run to the local hardware store to buy one – I have to stay close to a toilette (working hopefully) and Bob already took time off to drive Simon to work….. We do have two other toilettes, I can manage….

Anyway – Bob found some kind of tool to kinda clear the way – and now everything is working great!! woo hoo – how excited can someone be about a working toilette.

So now I just wait… eat jell O and go to the bathroom all day. How Fun!

If you want to hear us a bit – cause looks like today and tomorrow are shot for doing a show… check out Bruce at the Zedcast – a tribute was done for him by Katherine and Rob and Bob and I did a little bit for it. (we are at the 24 min mark) The whole thing is worth listening to, they did a great job at getting it all together.

Hope you enjoyed my little blurb….

4 Responses to “Why can’t we get a show out?? Good Question!”

  1. katherine Says:

    Oh, Cat — I feel for you (I go through this myself, since we’ve got rampant colon cancer in the family).

    The biggest improvement for me was when they started giving me drugs to knock me out during the procedure. It just made everyone’s lives easier :-)

    Thanks for the nice words, but a workman is only as good as his tools, and we were handed a mighty fine bunch of tools by everyone who contributed.

  2. Beth B. Says:

    Ah yes it’s the little things that we take for granted that we miss so much when they are gone! I laughed out loud at your being happy cuz the little guy went number 2, but only because I am potty training my little guy too. Who knew that poopage would make us so happy?

    Treat yourself well today (bubble bath, favorite movies and lots of naps are what I recommend) and we’ll still be here when you are feeling more yourself.

  3. Kelley B. Says:

    I know life gets in the way sometimes…and though I’m constantly pressing you for shows, I totally understand. It’s been a hectic month! Hope you’re all doing well…even the colonoscopy. :) Besides, the longer you go without doing a show, the more you have to talk about when you do do one. Please say hello to Bob and Simon for me.

    Kelley B.

  4. Kayla Says:

    Oh my, I hope it all went well and was as comfortable as can possibly be! I am glad that Bob got it unplugged, I was excited by the time I read that, so I guess people can get excited about working toilets!

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