Show # 19 – Chick Flicks

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A conversation we had at dinner time!



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2 Responses to “Show # 19 – Chick Flicks”

  1. Michael G Says:

    PW,just happenes. We hate being yelled at so we do what you say. PW just means, he does what you say before he gets do do what he wants to.

    But Bob is not PW because he dosn’t do what you say, you have to ask him to go with the promise of sex. But putting a condition on sex is a whole different analysis. Bob, suck it up and take your wife to a movie. If she has to beg you then that is not being PW. You get to still play Hockey, most PW guys do not get to go out with their buddies.

    The laughing about faking was very telling and very funny.

    Switch is a movie about dating so it HAS to be a chick flick. The incedibles was a incredible movie.

  2. Mindcaster Says:

    excellent show, off the sleeve, love it. ‘You are not whipped!’ Bob: ‘OK’. lol

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