CatFish Show # 132 – Second show this month – Woo Hoo!

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  • We are back in the studio with lots to say
  • Great comments and feedback from our listeners
  • Moleskines being used for notes
  • Bob tries to take over the show – Bob and AJ
  • Skating – is it supposed to hurt?
  • Bob is working out – and I have started back riding!
  • Beautiful day in Canada
  • Bob is speaking in Toronto and Boston
  • Discussion about Christmas gifting?

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12 Responses to “CatFish Show # 132 – Second show this month – Woo Hoo!”

  1. Nico Says:

    I started the gym too. It hurts. And it sucks that I have to go in the early afternoon because after 5 or 6 pm it gets insane. But oh well, I kinda need it.

    And I do know where to find the comments feed. Check at the very bottom of the page :)

  2. Chris Says:

    Hi guys – good show.

    Christmas presents – we try to keep it simple, and last year we took a leaf out of the vinyl cafe and everybody had to MAKE a gift for one particular member of the family – we drew names to pick who we were making for – worked out really well and made the girt more special.

    Skating: I’ve just started with my son – we didn’t skate over in England, but as it’s part of life out here in Fernie, we’ve giving it a go! and yes tight boots bloody hurt don’t they :) I got a welt on the back of my ankle yesterday – nice.

    Take care,


  3. Chris (from down the street) Says:

    I was listening to the podcast at my lunch hour today while walking around downtown Montreal. When you were talking about being a “swag whore” I started laughing out loud.

    Boy, do people look at you when you’re walking down the street with your iPod and you spontaneously start laughing out loud.

  4. Kris Says:

    about those Christmas gifts: our family trades names, so we are all supposed to get one gift for one person, and we are all supposed to give something modest to each of the kids. But the cousins keep breeding, so that’s getting pricey. And there are those family members who keep ignoring the name trade, and who buy what the hell they want for as many people as they want, so you have to have a just-in-case reciprocating gift ready for them. And i DARE me to skip giving a gift to my mother. Dangerous, dangerous idea.

    We are also all supposed to write down some gift ideas, for the person who draws our name (which is supposed to be a big secret). So last year, i requested that my gift be a contribution to a charity (I suggested several). Apparently, that was considered to be offensive. I was chided for being critical of the gift-giver’s taste. but, i didn’t mean it like that. i just don’t need much of anything. isn’t that a miraculous thing to be able to say? i have clothes, i have books, i have music. i liked the idea of giving to someone who doesn’t have what they need.

    but, hey. i got a nice purse.

    Oh, well. I’m not sure when we’ll be off the gift-hook.

  5. Cat Says:

    Three Chris(Kris)’s in a row!!!

    Wow – that’s cool.

    Chris (from down the street) I thought I had told you about the embarrassement some people get when listening to my show!!! Most people that I have heard from get it on the Bus – all sorts of weird looks!!

    Nothing like being a Swag Whore :-)

  6. katherine Says:

    We still exchange Christmas gifts, but it’s a pretty low key thing these days, and as we’ve all gotten older, it’s usually some small personal item and a gift certificate. But Rob is an only child, I’ve only got one sister, and there’s only one grandchild in the family, so we’re not talking about a lot of people here.

    Do you find the trees exceptionally colourful this year? I don’t think I remember quite such depth or intensity of colour, and we seem to have a LOT more bright reds and oranges than last year. That was the *ONE* thing I missed when I lived in France — the leaves there (sycamores trees) just turned brown and dropped off. The only dash of colour was a vine growing on the wall opposite my kitchen, it turned red.

    And skating is supposed to hurt. Its part of what makes us Canadian, knowing that we strap those boots on and they pinch the beejeebers out of our feet :-)

    And face, it, it’s a good way to tell if we’ve been outside too long — if we no longer feel the pinch from the skate boots, then our feet are probably experiencing frostbite :-)

  7. Kayla Says:

    We still give presents in our close family, but since the 3 of us are a bit tight this year it won’t be a lot. But as far as all of my family, the 24 aunts and uncles and all their kiddies, all of the young kids do the name picking and gift getting when we get together at Christmas, but no one else really exhchanges gifts unless the families are close.

    Bob wants to deprive of us of the show! Hmm.. I don’t think that will fly Bob :P

    Skating does hurt, and I don’t particularly enjoy it, so I like to avoid it.

  8. Benjamin Says:

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for answering my questions on the postcard! It was really cool.

    Xmas presents – we used to give everyone presents (we’re good at finding bargains so that was feasible) but not this year. It’s presents for the kids only – no time to get everyone something. We’ve got baby #3 due in a month and I have a PhD thesis to write…

    In New Zealand almost all native trees are evergreen so there are no autumn colours here. We do, however, have Pohutukawa trees that grow along the seashore and have lots of red flowers around Christmas time (which is the middle of summer of course!). They are called the NZ Christmas tree.


  9. Marijah Says:

    I have 3 sisters & many, many other relatives on my side of the family. On my husband’s side it’s MUCH smaller so we give gifts to everyone on my husband’s side.

    On my side we give gifts to my folks, my grandmother & my nephew. After my siblings & I are started having kids we decided to draw names amongst ourselves. The first year we weren’t that thrilled but now it’s turned into a lot of fun!! My extended family does a bizarre gift grab bag game on Christmas Eve that’s crazy and a lot of fun. Some of the older generation still buy presents for the little ones but no reciprocity is expected.

    To help guide the gift giving for Christmas, birthdays, etc., I set up a wikki years ago that everyone uses as an electronic wish list. Makes life much easier. Of course, the less tech savvy still send me their updates to change the wikki for them but it does seem to work out rather well over all.

    Thanks for getting two shows up this month!! I really love listening to your show & I appreciate that you managed to get that many out while chasing a young ‘un around.

  10. Beth B. Says:

    Hey Cat!… I am so late at listening to my podcasts, catching up now.

    Cracking up at “Hunny bunny dear of mine”

    umm, no, skating doesn’t hurt me! The tight laces for the skates is to keep your ankles from flopping around…However, it shouldn’t cut off the blood supply to your toes!

    I saw the leaf colors here too, Ha, ha, ha. Now all I see is bare branches. Laughed out loud at Vermont bordering Tennesee!

    I think he meant borax, not Borat! As in “Bleach, borax and brightners”! It’s a laundry additive. I don’t think it is toxic.

    I wouldn’t mind turning 40 again! Enjoy it! When is the big day? Make sure that Bob gets you some ice wine!

    Thanks for the shoutout!

  11. Kelley B. Says:

    Cat and Bob-
    Thanks for another great show. Hope you are all doing well up there in Canada. I imagine the weather’s becoming very cold as it is here in Michigan. Happy Halloween and a very belated Canadian Thanksgiving.


  12. mitchell Says:

    hey cat, bob im 13 and i love your show ive been listening from about 98, and i hope you guys start making more shows!!!! ps i agree with bob the cats need to go… lol just kiddin

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