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15 Responses to “CatFish Show # 130 – Funny videos show.”

  1. Nico Says:

    15% taxes? Amateurs, we pay 21. Under the table is really common here.

    At the video store where I worked (guess how they paid me…) we used to have non-released movies all the time. The quality sucked most of the times, but people didn’t seem to mind.

  2. Beth B. Says:

    Hi Cat, thanks for the new show.

    I have never had anyone offer me a discount for paying in cash. And I could use a discount! And you know that only 50 miles and an arbitrary line seperates us.

    Everyone in my house has had a version of your cold. I don’t know if its allergies or a cold, but it has made us all cranky. When I got it, I was down for the count on day one, with a sinus headache that only got worse when I started to cry.

    Hey, I can locate the US on a map. I can even locate New Hamshire on a map :)

    For those scoping out the video, Cat shows up at around 1 inch. (Inches to metric converstion left as an exercise for the reader.) It really is funny! You are a good sport, Cat.

    Love the blue on the dinosaur! We want “after” pictures too!

    I tip only 10% for take out but I go to the same couple of places, and I get quick service and the staff knows me.

    I have had the same awful dream about my own son. Ugg. Shudder. I think all parents have this secret fear of something happening to their children.


  3. katherine Says:

    Glad you’re back — that cold seems to be making the rounds.

    I’ve not run across the under the table stuff here, but most of our stuff gets taken care of by the household handy man (Rob).

    And Bob, welcome to the Colo Club — I discovered that I’m allergic to demerol thanks to my first one (which was a truly awful experience). Thank goodness for the better drugs.

  4. Kelley B. Says:

    Hehe! Funny picture of PAB Cat!

  5. Chris (from down the street) Says:

    You forgot to say what the motivation from the vendor’s perspective was for the discount for “under the table” work. Of course the consumer saves a bit under 15% in sales tax. But the vendor saves about 40% in income tax (plus a gazillion payroll taxes) and even more than that if they’re the owner of the business.

    I have paid for work under the table but I can’t say that I do it as a rule. It’s pretty common to get these types of offers for services rendered at home.

  6. Beth B. Says:

    Hmm, I can locate New Hampshire, but can I spell it?

  7. Daniel Johnson, Jr. Says:

    I have heard of people asking to get paid under the table, but I don’t recall ever using someone’s services that way.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. We’ve had similar experiences with pinatas – looking forward to the pictures.

  8. Cat Says:

    Beth – good catch there – Bob and I had a little chuckle over that one :-)

    Thanks everyone for all the great comments.


  9. Dawn Z(ed) Says:

    Sechelt is pronounced see-shelt. It’s beautiful! Totally worth a visit.

    It’s hard to find somebody in Vancouver that was born in Vancouver. Everybody there is from somewhere else, largely from Ontario.

  10. Kayla Says:

    Tipping at a full-serve is good idea, I used to work at one last summer when it was way too hot to be outside, a dollar or 2 made me happy!

    The pinata is looking really good Cat! We must see it when it is done and when it has been assaulted!

    I don’t think we have paid for anything under the table in a while, sorry I can’t help with that!

    The screencap is lovely, such a classic portrait :D

  11. Mark Says:

    Try this one. Andrea and I went shopping once at the Sears appliance store. On our way back to our car we past an SUV with a sleeping child — maybe 4/5 years old. It turns out that the woman went in to Sears to shop and left her child sleeping in her car so she wouldn’t disturb her. How about when the child wakes up and freaks out because she was alone in a car in a strange place? Or, what about if the car is stolen with her in it. I imagined a number of scenarios when Andrea pointed out that this was probably a normal thing for the woman to do.

  12. Dan Says:

    We don’t really do the off the books stuff here, especially not employees ripping off their employers. Although, when I was in a band years ago, our payment came right out of the register. No taxes for the bar owner, and none for us!

    Dan from Indiana

  13. Kris Says:

    Cat! that is one fabulous blue beast. You rock.

  14. Patrick Says:

    Bob & Cat,

    Shame on you! You as podcasters are so careful to make sure not to break copyright with the music you play yet ripping movies is ok?

    As for releasing movies everywhere at the same time to prevent greater rippoffs, it’s been tried. Infact it’s been tried by us. We found that Europe in general has different movie watching habits than north america. What makes a given season a great time to release in the north america often means a poor draw in Europe. So in effect, simultaneous world release can mean a loss in box office.


  15. Junior Says:

    Funny video post…. lol…. :)


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