CatFish Show # 127 – BBQ Chicken & Shrek toys

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  • Simon gets chased down by a Dog – scared for life now
  • Chicken on the BBQ – finally know how to do it. old show
  • Can you understand these McDonald’s Shrek toys?
  • Our fish died – Bob has to clean the tank
  • Show Candy – Toblerone (expired)
  • Great audio comments and blog comments – thanks to all.
  • Podcasters Across Borders – promo and talk!
  • Can’t remember what else

Enjoy the show, thanks for listening.


13 Responses to “CatFish Show # 127 – BBQ Chicken & Shrek toys”

  1. Daniel Johnson, Jr. Says:

    I saw the shownotes come up in my Bloglines, and I’m looking forward to listening. We made so many stops at McDonald’s on our recent vacation that my wife and I got sick of seeing all the Shrek 3 stuff.

  2. Beth B. Says:

    Hey Cat! Ok, we want DETAILS on grilling chicken. Put it on your blog if you don’t want to clutter up this page. Heat, height over heat source, marinade recipe, etc. Don’t leave out anything, please.

    Also, I heard “Whitehorse” on that PAB promo you played… Is Roger G. from the Deranged Moose attending??? Or is there another podcaster from Whitehorse, YT? If Roger shows up, tell him I still miss the Moose and I hope all is well with him.

    I’m going to Granby Zoo tomorrow, and I may have to make a detour to McD’s just to get my own angry French ogre. That was too funny.

  3. Tom from Winnipeg Says:

    You are not alone in your inability to understand the donkey….

    “Like children all over North America, pint-size Quebecers have been flocking to theatres recently to see the animated film Shrek the Third, or Shrek le Troisieme as it is known here. The only problem is they are leaving confused about what exactly that donkey was saying.

  4. Krash Coarse Says:

    Sorry for interrupting the show Cat!

    I’ve always found it irritating to have these big muscle-bound hero-types like Arnie on screen and the dub sounds like a stuck-up Parisian Smurf.

    Bob, for the next show, pinch your nose and say the following as a demonstration: “Hé, les mecs là! Gare à vous, mes gaillards, ou je vous planque mon pistolet dans le nez!”

    Translation: “Hey, you fellows there! Be careful, my hearty friends, or I will roughly place my pistol in your nose!”

    See? Totally silly!


  5. katherine Says:

    But, is the issue that the slang is different, or that the two toys are just incomprehensible?

    (No, I realize that the issue of having Quebecois slang and Quebecois actors is important, but that’s different from completely garbled…)

    Since I learned French in France, I wouldn’t have problem with the slang, but I can’t even tell what they’re saying. Well, no, I can tell about half of what they’re saying, but not the important bits.

    The Shrek toy sounds like Alain Chabat to me, who did the voice in France. Donkey’s voice in France is provided by Med Hondo (who has always dubbed Eddy Murphy over there).So you got a French from France dubbed version in Quebec??

    BTW, our dishwasher has a thingee in it that tells you when the jetdry is getting low. I can send you a picture if you’re curious.

  6. Patrick Guenette Says:

    So Cat, Bob…will you be taking Simon to Ratatouille? You took him to Shrek, the poor kid now deserves some quality! I promise there will be no French voiced McD toys. In fact I promise there won’t be ant McD toys at all!

  7. Chris (from down the street) Says:

    Cat, you better just come over to check out our dishwasher because I don’t think I have the time these days to take a picture of the Jetdry meter.

    Liam is not letting us sleep at all.

  8. Kelley B. Says:

    Yay a show(finally!) Just kidding Cat! I know you’re busy.

  9. Kelley B. Says:

    I love love love the Catfish Show!! I especially loved this episode…it was hilarious! You and Bob have such funny things to talk about all the time. Keep up the GREAT work…I’ll be listening always.

    Your biggest and most dedicated friend,
    Kelley B.

  10. Matt Says:

    Ouchie! You are hurting my heart by not listening to the audio comment that I didn’t send. Just for the record, I did play your comment on the next show that I did, as promised. Mmmmmm, peaches.

    Love the show, as always. (:

  11. Monica Says:

    Cat, please don’t be podfading!

  12. vivian Says:

    what better way to jump start PAB weekend than by listening to the catfish show! see you soon!

  13. Kurt Says:

    It is clear what the Donkey said. He said “I need bologna” and then asked “What about diving?”

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