I have totally lost my Voice!

Hi everyone,

So, once again, there is a delay in a show getting done!

I woke up yesterday morning with no voice! Ha, imagine that, Cat with no Voice – oh well.

As much as you may be laughing (as many people already have) I am struggling with my job as a Mom!!

Arggg it is very frustrating.

I hope I find it again soon.


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  1. Kristen (from TEXAS) Says:

    Don’t worry Cat, you’ll get better. I have heard that drinking either lemon or green tea helps, and with the being a mom, I having a glimpse into it right now. For the summer, every week I’m helping out a mom who has a construction job, so I’m staying there everyday and night during the work week. I know its nothing like being a real mom, but I see what you have to put up through and how hard it is.

  2. MacManiac (Holger) Says:

    Hope you’ll be well soon Cat!! Btw. you asked how we’d like the bubble… well, for me it’s annoying… but just my oppinion!

    Take care, Holger

  3. Cat Says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Nice to hear from you – trying to get Simon to listen is very difficult. But my voice is slowly coming back – hope to do a show soon.


    Thanks for the input! What are you saying – you don’t like my cat?? hehe


  4. Tom from Jersey Says:

    I’ve lost my voice a few times myself.
    Have you checked behind the sofa?
    I always look there, when it happens to me.
    Since you have a small child I would also look inside the VCR and the toilet.
    You might not find your voice there, but I’m sure you’ll find something else you’re looking for.

    Have a speedy recovery.

  5. Beth B. Says:

    I gotta agree with Holger. It’s time to lose the bubble.

    Hmm, I’ve never had to deal with mothering without the use of speech. That would be a challenge. Not sure how the little guy would take it, but my daughter would probably find it delightful!

  6. Nico Says:

    I love the bubble :)

  7. ennev Says:

    Hope you’ll get better soon, i miss the show :_(

  8. Kelley B. Says:

    Cat- get better soon. We need shows! Hope everyone is doing well in Canada.

  9. Kristen (from TEXAS) Says:

    Yeah! I love the bubble too!!!

  10. Lola Espinoza Says:


  11. katherine Says:

    Hope you’re voice returns soon, Cat — I’ve missed the podcast (and I have to say, in the last episode, when Bob yelled about the cones, I just about fell off the crosstrainer at the gym laughing)…

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