Bob out of town…

Hi everyone,

Sorry for such a delay in shows.. I have content – finally – but Bob is out of town (again). All this work he has to do, always seems to get in the way of our show… oh well… hehe

I am off to the Doctor today – seem to be having problems with my tonsils – but we’ll see what she says.

Anybody seen SpiderMan 3 yet? what did you think – leave a comment on your opinion!!

Talk to you all soon.


3 Responses to “Bob out of town…”

  1. Kristen (from TEXAS) Says:

    Well, hope nothing is wrong with you at the doctors…
    and Spiderman 3 is pretty cool.
    I won’t give much detail, but the fight scenes are awsome, there is this one part that I know will make you laugh (the whole audience bursted out laughing), and the ending is iffy. But over all I give it 4 and a half stars. You should defiantly see it if you like 1 and 2.


  2. Lucas Says:

    I loved the first two Spiderman movies. That said, I was dissapointed with the third. Although, I seem to be a minority with this. Most have really enjoyed it. I followed the comics so I think that’s why I was let down. I wont get into the reasons…because it would just take too much typing.

    I assume that most of the movie-going audience have never seen the comics. Go see it and come to your own oppinon and let us know what you think.

  3. Kelley B. Says:

    Hey Cat! Haven’t seen Spidy 3 yet, but am so looking forward to it!

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