CatFish Show # 125 – Less than a Month

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  • Pampered chef party (again)
  • Meeting a FoTM’s wife! – Congrats Chris
  • Cleaning up for a party – can’t find my show notes
  • Fancy restaurant – crappy steak :-(
  • New Swingset for Simon – check out the photos
  • How to keep Simon in bed!
  • Getting ready for the garden.

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7 Responses to “CatFish Show # 125 – Less than a Month”

  1. Bruce McKinnon Says:

    Hey Cat, we travelled through Switzerland, France and Italy a few years. We speak virtually no French or Italian, but found no problems at all. There’s a perception that Parisians, in particular, are snobby if you don’t speak to them in French, but we found none of that.

    During six weeks of travelling, we only found one person (the manager of a hotel in Padova), who looked down on us for not speaking the language. Apart from that, people we met on the street or in shops or train stations could either speak a little English, or could understand our sign language. (‘Choo-choo’ works great when you don’t know the Italian word for train station!).

    Cheers, Bruce.

  2. Pam Says:

    Yippee Do !

    It’s so nice to see you again !

  3. Beth B. Says:

    Giggle juice. Wow, what a blast from the past. My father referred to booze as giggle juice when I was a little squirt. I don’t think I ever knew anyone else that called alcoholic beverages “giggle juice”.

    I too suffer from clutter fatigue and no flat surface is safe for long in our house. It’s like nature abhors a vacuum. If you know a cure, please let me know.

    Thanks for the show!

  4. katherine Says:

    Hey, glad you’re back!

    It’s funny, because my latest episode recalls a small memory of my first visit to Paris — must be spring in the air or something.

    Amsterdam can be a very family-friendly place — you can rent bikes, eat frites or pancakes, walk along the canals, there are lots of museums. Just avoid the red-light district and the coffeehouses, easy enough to do.

    In all my time living in France, I never found the French snobby — reserved, definitely, so if you’re expecting North American style cheerful, bubbly you won’t get it. I’m bilingual, so never had to deal with the aversion to English-speakers problem. The one comment I did hear regularly was that I didn’t “sound Canadian”. I could never figure out what people meant until I realized that they associate “Canadian” with a Quebecois accent, which I don’t have. It was too funny.

    Now, if you guys could tell me why, when I order a “brioche” in Montreal, they bring me a “pain aux raisins”? What the heck do y’all call a “brioche”?

  5. Chris (from down the street) Says:

    When you say “brioche” do you mean a dinner roll or bun?

    I believe you’ll want to ask for “un petit pain”. I can’t recall ever asking for one but it seems to me that is how they’re labeled in grocery stores.

  6. Daniel Johnson, Jr. Says:

    It’s about time I sent in another postcard. You never did try that Cincinnati chili recipe, did you?

  7. Kristen (from TEXAS) Says:

    Yay! I’m glad your back!!!

    In the beginning of the cast ya’ll were saying that is was 19 or something degrees in the house, and ya’ll were, “eh, just a bit cold”.
    I’m sitten there like “OH MY GOD THATS COLD!”
    I always find it so funny when you all are talking about the temperature because if it gets anywhere below like 55, I’m practically freezing. How can you stand it???!

    And with the horizontal surface syndorom, I have the EXACT same thing. Like after I’ve cleaned my room, the next morning, I’ll have some random project that just appeared and has taken over my whole room. For me sadly, I’m a pack rat…

    Also, sudoku is pronouced: sue (as in sueing someone) doe (as in a deer) and coo ( as in saying cool without the l)

    Anyways, thanks for another awsome show!! CANNOT wait for more!

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