Just a big Thank You.

Hi everyone,

I just want to give a little bit of an update and say Thank you so much to all the fantastic responses I have received.

Well, the whirlwind of a week for the viewings and funeral went so fast, I think my head is still spinning.

Now that I am back to the daily grind, the pain seems so overwhelming. Many people have given me some great insight and the pain seems to come in waves. For a little bit I seem ok, as if I have accepted, and can now move on. Then I get hit with complete dispair and sorrow, that I feel myself envelopped in darkness. I wish I did not have to experience this.

Simon is doing great. I have some great stories to tell. He really is an amazing kid.

Bob is sick now, but has been my rock throughout. I know that he is there, and if he could, he would take all this pain away.

Seeing so many family and friends on the Saturday was unreal – more than at our wedding (and we thought that was big).

Anyway, all to say that I have really been touched by all your support and that I am still around. We have wanted to get a show out the last few days… we have many stories to tell.

Thanks for staying subscribed and we will be back…


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  1. AndyCast Andy Says:

    Hey Cat,

    When you are ready….so will we!

    Andy Bilodeau

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