CatFish Show # 118 – Podcasting with an Argentinian :-)

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4 Responses to “CatFish Show # 118 – Podcasting with an Argentinian :-)”

  1. Bruce Murray (The Zedcast) Says:

    Happy New Year from Pictou!

    Just back fro, New Years party. Had to listen to CatFish Show. Great to hear Nico WITHOUT the bucket on his head. (Yo Nico!)

    Here is a link to the original Diet Coke & Mentos experiment. Choreographed to music. Awesome.

    And while we’re at it, OK-GO on treadmills – All in one take

    Did you bring the cut out to the meet-up? I really wanted to meet Nico and Mitch.

    – Bruce

  2. Beth B (Sept FOTM!) Says:

    Gee, you guys went to Chili’s in Williston and you didn’t invite me??? (Hey, I have proof – )

    I really have to give you a list of GOOD restaurants to go to in Burlington, and get you out of the chains. Those places are a crime against your taste buds.

    BTW, can I enter the newest FotM contest? A pen by Nico would outstanding.

    Happy New Year!


  3. Cat Says:

    Hey Beth,

    Yes, you can try for the FoTM again….. good luck.

    We did talk about you when we were there….. We should have contacted you, sorry….. maybe next time you can take us to somewhere else… I like the chinese near the airport :-)

  4. diggersstory Says:

    We can’t comment or message you on the pickle and so we will post our comments here. Good thing though we were able to readd you to our friends/fans list. Woooooooooootz.

    Hey hey it’s another year for more catfish fun and podcasting. Thanks for a great show and congrats on your podcasting Bday. Three count them 3 year birthday Cato! . . . Woweezowie that’s old for a podcaster . . . ERRRRRRRM should we say experienced instead!??!
    It’s only Diggers Story’s 1st Bday so we all look up to you guys. *bowing in respect* Hope to hear many more episodes to come! Wooootz!

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