Catfish Show # 117 – Turkey Talk and Show Candy

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  1. Alasdair Says:


    Looking forward to hearing him on the show.


  2. Nico Says:

    Actually, i’ll be leaving here on the 19th and arriving on the 20th, but hey, i’m travelling 5600 miles, you can hold the anniversary one day for me!

    Don’t worry, you’ll be able to understand me fine. Just in case, does Simon have an etch-a-sketch? hehe.. oh sorry, i meant LOL. And if your biggest fear was that i wasn’t tall, then be very afraid…

    I’ve never heard about using Toblerone for cooking (maybe it’s because in order to cook with it you have to not eat it right away and good luck with that). You *are* a good cook! Shoot, i should have lost weight before this trip.

    Wohoo only 10 days!

  3. Tom from Jersey Says:

    The proper time to eat a gingerbread house, is 5 minutes after its done.
    Unless there’s Toblerone shingles, then 3 minutes.

  4. Melanie Sullivan Says:

    Are these the pop rocks chocolate things you mean?

    I also found a review of them where the guy reviewing said he bought them at Wal-Mart. Though I imagine it would have been a US Wal-Mart, not a Canadian one.

    Good luck in your search/recipe endeavors!


  5. Vivian of CLIP Podcast Says:

    I haven’t tried the cadbury elves but they sound like fun! Here’s a place where you can order them…


  6. kristen Says:

    allo! omg! when i heard my name on the show, my friends and i freaked out! haha! thanks for metioning us!!
    great show!! made me laugh off my butt!!!!
    and yes, we do have ihops down here in texas, but not so many wafflehouses….
    also, i think i know why you (cat) were so tongue tied, it was because of all of that chocolate you had most likely eaten before the show, , once you ate the chocolate, it stays in your mouth making you talk funny for an hour, trust me, i know, it happened to me before a french test…

    o yeah! your answer to the gingerbread question is that you wait till new years night, and then you eat it after you have shooten off your fireworks, cause then the house is all crunchy and good

    thats all i got to say!! cant wait for more!
    Happy Holidays!

  7. Kayleigh Says:

    First of all i wanna say I’ve tried youre recipe with the toblerone bar. I am a HUGE chocolate fan and i loved it!
    Treating youre son candy cane’s…..Hmmm…..Smart…I’ve got to remember that when I get kids some day…
    Because I’m candy cane addicted myself so i guess my kids will inherit that

    Well….Love youre show

    Cyah and Happy holidays from The Netherlands (Holland)
    (where its also NOT snowing and still its cold!!!)

  8. Dan Says:

    I don’t remember eating a gingerbread house, but I think I’d eat it with coffee or milk as a late night snack.

  9. MacManiac (Holger) Says:

    There’s only one way to eat or start eating a gingerbreadhouse: With the chimney, it’s obvious ;-)

    And I want to taste this chocolate! Sat in my car driving to the countryside and you talked all the time of EATING and such nice chocolate! I’ve been so hungry when arriving ;-)

    Great show (as usual ;-) )

    hugz from Austria,

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