CatFish Show # 116 – The Turkey Show

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4 Responses to “CatFish Show # 116 – The Turkey Show”

  1. kristen Says:

    oh me geez! awsome! im first to comment…. i think..(unless the site doesnt show all the comments)
    anyway ima long time listener and ive gotten all of my friends loving the catfish show!!!
    so expect pics and a postcard from all of us down here in texas!!!!!!

  2. kristen Says:

    hiya! sorry to be posting again, but i forgot to talk bout your last show!!
    yeah, i didn’t know that turkey eggs weren’t eaten, and then you acutally eat the heart?!?!
    sounds uterly gross, but ive heard people say that its very squishy and gooy,
    is it??
    thats all i got to say
    love your show and cant wait for more!!

  3. Chris Says:

    CRAAAAAAAZZZY big news :) haha.
    Looking forward to it guys.

  4. Dwight Says:

    Just looking at your Flicker feed, So did Simon realy like his lobster?
    Thats one luckey kid!
    Hey i rember the Cosmodome , I had to go to meetings at a hotel near by , I always wanted to go in to that place.looke like more fun than the meetings were.

    I hope you having fun and didnt get too messed up with this first winter storm, Im off to shouvel!
    Be CooL

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